Super-Size It: Value or Health!?

Go to any civilized nation in the world today and you will undoubtedly find a fast food restaurant. You’ll see them of all shapes and sizes, serving everything from fried chicken to ice cream, and most usually have cute and colorful characters attempting to lure your children into luring you in.

Yeah. The fast and processed foods industry is a dirty business when you think about it. But that still doesn’t stop millions upon millions of people from not only eating as fast food joints, but eating at them regularly.

Why? Well, part of it is very obvious – the food tastes good. With the right mix of sugars, fats and sodium, one bite of a burger sends the basic carnivore into meat euphoria. You can’t get enough of it. And then there’s the undeniable value. The average family can eat their fill of fast food and have money left over, whereas veggies, skinless chicken breasts and tofu from the grocery store is unfortunately beyond the budget in most countries.

Not to demonize only fast food restaurants here. Can you really blame the scorpion for stinging the frog? A business is a business, and they’re looking to profit. Equally responsible in this fast food fiasco are government regulators the world over seeing to it that organic food and anything else considered healthy is sold at an incredibly high mark-up.

If healthier food was more affordable, then the world would probably have healthier people. Why can one make that assumption? Look at it logically for a moment. If fast food cost as much as a meal at a fancy restaurant, you’d hardly ever see people in the line for a double whopper.

It’s all about value when it comes to fast food. It’s readily available, always affordable and, unless you’re a vegan, outright delicious. That’s the trifecta of unhealthy. When it comes to viewing fast food as unhealthy as a whole, though, you have to look deeper into it. Look beyond the advertising, beyond the wrapper, and into the food to see what it contains.

For example: you may lash out toward fast food, claiming that it’s evil, but a meal of a burger and fries and soda actually has fewer calories, fewer grams of fat and fewer carbs than a high-end meal of succulent lobster with drawn butter, crème brulee and a glass of red wine.

It’s the portion size that causes alarm. You see, most people can’t simply order a burger and fries – they opt for the double with double cheese, the extra large fry, and the 5 gallon bucket of soda, low on ice. You know it; even cars have bigger soda cups holders to handle the large drinks.

Part of eating fatty food is bred into our DNA. As we were evolving as people from ape, we literally had to fight for survival. That meant, simply, if you could eat the entire mammoth leg, then eat it, because if you didn’t eat it, someone else would and you’d starve.

So that is a part of our psyche. We are not though at the mercy of our genetic coding. We are fully capable of not overeating and consciously deciding to eat healthier food. And if people would simply eat to be full, they could enjoy an occasional fast food meal without having to suffer from poor health as a result.

We need to get the word out about healthy eating and dieting. People can demonize the fast food industry but if people don’t understand or know healthy food alternatives, why would they change habits? Let’s teach people to know food better.

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