Surprising Things to Make You Age Prematurely

We all want to stay young forever, as we want to feel like we’re in the prime of our lives. Unfortunately, Time is a bastard, and every day when we look in the mirror we look a little bit older. There’s that one wrinkle that you never saw before, or your skin is just a little bit looser around your eyes. You could have sworn that beer gut wasn’t there yesterday, and there’s now a grey hair in your beard?!

Fighting aging is a multi-bazillion dollar industry, and there are hundreds of creams, serums, and remedies out there that are supposed to “help fight aging” (goat’s milk mixed with sheep’s eyeballs, anyone?). But, did you know that you can help to prevent aging by no longer doing a few simple things?

Aging Foods

There are many foods that will cause you to age, and these are the foods that cause inflammation in your body. Inflammation will promote the formation of wrinkles, as your body will be unable to process and transport nutrients properly. You’ll also end up with sagging skin, not to mention a bit of flab accumulating around those muscles. Aging foods include things like margarine, vegetable oils, high-fat red meat (curse you, you delicious Porterhouse!), processed foods, white bread, and sugar-rich foods. If you want to avoid aging – as well as that extra flab – stay away from these foods.


Happy Hour is definitely a wonderful time of day, but it’s not the best time for your long-term health. Alcohol causes swelling in your liver, as it’s basically poisoning your body. It is also a diuretic (makes you need to pee), and it will dehydrate your body. Dehydration will cause your skin to sag, wrinkles to form, and you to drink even more. Before you know it, you’ve gone way overboard on the calories, pimples are breaking out, and your liver is screaming for a break. If you want to prevent aging, stay away from Happy Hour.

Note: A glass of wine or a beer per day is actually recommended for your health, as they both promote healthy circulation and lower cholesterol.


Scientists have been desperately looking for a link between tanning and weight loss, and the link has been found in melancortin – a hormone your body produces as a result of sun, which helps it burn fat and decreases your appetite. However, too much time in the sun is guaranteed to age you, as the UV rays of the sun break down the collagen and elastin in your skin. Without this protection, it’s all but guaranteed that wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet will form. A bit of sun (30 minutes per day) is all you need to have healthy skin, but more can do your body harm!

Being Inactive

We all know that exercise is directly linked to weight loss – it’s pretty much the only thing that will make it happen. However, did you know that lacking exercise will age you prematurely as well? Too much running outdoors will cause you to spend too much time in the sun (refer to the previous section for more details…), but not enough running will cause you to spend too much time on the couch with your hands in the chip bowl. Running and exercise force your body to move, and will get your heart working hard (between 40 and 75% of maximum heart rate – depending on your speed). Working your heart will get your blood flowing, transporting healthy nutrients to your skin and burning fat. With every calorie you burn, you’ll make your skin look just that much more beautiful. Exercise is the reason that so many gymgoers have such naturally beautiful skin!

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