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Train For Running Your First 5K

Running a marathon is a great way to add interest to your exercise program. If you are considering taking on your first marathon, a 5K run is the perfect choice. These marathons are fun and provide not only exercise but an … Continue reading

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Fool Proof New Year Resolution

Every year we try to set a new intention or a new year resolution to better ourselves and to make this year better than the last. Every year we set an intention only to forget about it as the months … Continue reading

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Adenovirus – Viruses Causing Obesity

Any type of illness outside of diabetes or heart disease able to cause obesity in people used to be a laughable idea in the medical community. What’s more: heart disease and diabetes are actually two diseases caused by obesity (not … Continue reading

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Zonegran Weight Loss Pill

Zonegran started as a drug developed for the treatment of epileptic seizures however during scientific trials epilepsy patients also began to lose weight. After the Zonegran weight loss discovery a separate study was conducted on 60 obese volunteers. Of the … Continue reading

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The Social Stigma of Being Obese

Worldwide obesity rates are higher than they have ever been before and are consistently climbing further. While obesity can be looked upon as a medical condition, there are heavy psychological burdens associated with it as well. The social stigma of … Continue reading

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Treatments for Morbid Obesity

It is currently estimated that about 33% of adults and children in the United States are obese, and these numbers are climbing at an alarming rate. The wide range of medical problems associated with being severely overweight are taxing the … Continue reading

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Junk Food Addiction and Weight Gain

Foods that are high in fat and sugar causes a sudden sugar rush, releasing feel good hormones in our body and making us feel energetic. This effect quickly wears off and we end up in a sugar low, craving more … Continue reading

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10 Risks of a Sedentary Lifestyle and Poor Nutrition

We often underestimate the damaging effects our general pattern of behavior has on our health and our longevity.
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