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Common Sense Weight Loss

It is a common goal for many people to lose weight, and many people will go to great lengths to do so. The traditional route of hard work and exercise can prove to be quite a challenge, so many people … Continue reading

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Vegan Protein

“You’re vegan? Where do you get your vegan protein from?” I can’t count how many times people have asked me that question and every time I just inhale and ask them, “do you have time to listen?” There are so … Continue reading

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Top 5 Diet Supplements #4: Stacker 3

Some people stay away from certain weight-loss supplements because they’re dangerous, but others seem not to care and are willing to take the risk. Continue reading

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Top 5 Diet Supplements #3: Adapexin-P

Some diet products make it to the best-seller list without the benefit of TV commercials. Internet buzz is able to carry some campaigns to prominence. Continue reading

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Top 5 Diet Supplements #2: Lipozene

It seems that we’re inundated with countless weight-loss products on the market, so it definitely makes you wonder why we’re facing an obesity epidemic. Continue reading

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