Testosterone Boosting Foods

Increasing testosterone has been linked to successful weight loss efforts in numerous studies. It’s a bit of an “egg or chicken” argument however: increasing testosterone promotes weight loss but losing weight also increases testosterone. Without needing to fully understand every scientific link between weight loss and testosterone this much is clear: increasing testosterone is a step in a positive direction for people looking to increase metabolism and lose weight.

Short of visiting a sports medicine doctor to inquire about receiving testosterone injections, how can one increase their testosterone levels naturally? Well, one way is through the foods we eat. Here are seven testosterone boosting foods:


Casanova was onto something when he ate 50 oysters every morning for breakfast. Oysters are loaded in zinc which plays a key role in increasing muscle growth and raising testosterone levels. But you don’t need to eat 50 oysters each day to receive their testosterone-boosting benefits; just six oysters a day supplies the full recommended daily dosage of zinc to your diet.


Foods with a high protein-to-fat ratio shine as testosterone boosting foods. Grilled and skinless turkey or chicken are great sources of protein that are low in fat. Eat several portions of lean poultry meat per week and watch your testosterone levels go up, up, up!


The monounsaturated fats in nuts such as almonds and walnuts have been shown to increase blood circulation which in turn can increase testosterone. In studies, men who consume higher quantities of monounsaturated fats (“good fats”) had higher levels of testosterone than men whose diets consisted of higher portions of unhealthy fats.


Eggs are a wonder food. Recent research suggests the cholesterol in eggs is less harmful than previously thought. Cholesterol is a key marker for testosterone. Try starting your day by consuming 3-4 eggs for a nice boost of morning protein and get your body on the right track for producing testosterone.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese rates as one of those foods better for you than you realize. It is loaded in protein and relatively low in fat. Any food that meets those standards is great for fueling testosterone production, burning fat, and increasing muscle mass.

Lean Beef

If there are two things that are positive for naturally increasing your testosterone through food it’s lean protein and zinc. Lean beef offers the perfect combo of a high protein-to-fat ratio with a big boost of zinc to your diet. Red meat has a bad reputation among the health conscious, but for those looking to boost testosterone a serving of lean red meat once or twice per week can be a powerful addition to your diet.


Broccoli has been shown to decrease levels of estrogen in men by as much as half. Truth be told, you really can’t eat too much of the stuff for increasing testosterone and losing weight, so load up on as much broccoli as you can handle!

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