The 6 Most Effective Weight Loss Tips for Every Age

Weight loss is something that people of every age struggle with. Whether you’re 15 or 50, if you’re having a hard time shedding extra pounds, you might be feeling frustrated with all of your unsuccessful efforts thus far. Why not try something different—a few simple changes could make things a whole lot better! Here are some of the best weight loss tips that will work for everyone of every age:

Limit Carbs

Don’t go on a no-carb diet—after all, carbs are your body’s primary energy source, and they’re critical for high-intensity activity. However, it’s a good idea to scale your carb intake way, way back. Stick with two regular-sized servings of carbs per day, along with a serving or two of fruit. Make the rest of your meal proteins, fats, and veggies. Less carbs is going to be great for keeping your waistline trim and helping you shed those extra pounds. And make sure the carbs you eat are high quality, whole-grain carbs—no more refined, white, or processed carbs!

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol isn’t just bad for your liver; it’s also terrible for your waistline. Alcohol is primarily sugar (and, in the case of beer, carbs), which is going to be turned directly into fat when you drink it. It’s even worse when you go for a sugary drink or mixer that’s soda or highly sweetened. In a perfect world, you should try to cut back to 2-4 drinks PER WEEK. And, if you can make it all clear alcohol—vodka and gin are top choices—or red wine, you will keep your calorie and sugar intake low while still being able to enjoy a drink.

Increase Veggie Intake

This is the #1 key to weight loss! The more vegetables you eat, the higher the fiber intake in your diet, and the less grams of net carbs you end up consuming. Veggies are also very filling, so you’ll eat less at every meal. Try to make your plate 50% vegetables, and you’ll find that it will do wonders to start trimming down your waistline.

Treat Yourself Carefully

There are many “healthy” options that you can use to treat yourself: a square of dark chocolate, a fruit and yogurt parfait, fruit compote, and so on. Try to find the most natural, unprocessed treats to enjoy. Stay away from anything with refined flour or added sugar, which typically means that baked goods like cookies, cakes, and brownies are off the table. Definitely steer clear of candy! Make sure that you’re going for treats that will curb sugar cravings without increasing sugar intake.

Stop Dieting

The mindset of “dieting” typically means depriving yourself of something you enjoy, and replacing it with something you don’t enjoy as much. The more you deprive yourself, the more you end up craving whatever it is, so the harder it becomes to maintain the diet. Time to change that mindset! Stop thinking of your meals as a diet. Instead, switch from “diet” to “healthy eating”. Make sure your plate is loaded high with foods that are delicious and nutritious, with a balance of all the critical macronutrients. Do that, and you’ll never have to “diet” a day in your life!

Avoid “Diet” Foods

Anything with the label “diet” on it is typically going to be higher in not only artificial sugar, but also chemicals and preservatives. Most importantly, it’s not any healthier than regular food! If you have to eat a “diet” version of something, it means it’s most likely not a food you should be eating.

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