The 8 Best Snacks for All Occasions

Hungry? Everyone gets a bit peckish now and again, and it’s a good idea to have some simple snacks handy just in case your tummy rumbles. Below are the 8 best snacks for you to eat, which you should have ready at all times just in case you feel the need to eat.

1.     Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is a high-protein snack, meaning it will make you feel full with fewer calories. DON’T go for the stuff you buy at convenience stores, but look for beef jerky in natural food stores, health food stores, and organic grocery stores. The fewer ingredients in your beef jerky, the healthier it will be!

2.     Hummus

Hummus is another excellent high protein food, and yet it contains A LOT of dietary fiber as well. You can eat hummus anywhere and at any time, with bell pepper sticks instead of pita crackers if you really want to be healthy. It’s one of the most filling snacks, but thankfully it’s not as high in calories as some of the other high-protein snacks.

3.     Apples and Cheese

Definitely an odd combination, but mixing the two foods will help you fill up more easily. String cheese is a good snack to eat on the road, but you can find lower-calorie cheese to eat at home. Apple slices are loaded with fiber, and you’ll find that green apples have the ability to quash those hunger pangs. To keep your hunger in check, snack on these two foods.

4.     Popcorn

Need a snack to help you get through an afternoon without overeating? Make yourself a few cups of popcorn–in the air popper, of course. Microwave popcorn is SUPREMELY unhealthy, so you should stay far away from it. Air popped popcorn is nice and low in calories, and it makes for a very tasty snack.

5.     Carrot Sticks and Grapes

Once again, another odd combination, but one that you can snack on without guilt. Both carrot sticks and grapes are fairly low in calories, but they’re high in both nutrients and dietary fiber. You’ll find that eating carrot sticks is the best way to fill up on a high fiber food, and you can eat while playing video games or watching TV. As long as you don’t eat too many grapes, you’ll be fine!

6.     Sunflower Seeds

All seeds are nuts are excellent for your health, but sunflower seeds in particular contain healthy fats that your body needs. You’ll find that these healthy fats make it easier for you to burn fat, but they won’t clog your arteries or increase your risk of heart disease. A handful or two of these nuts will go a long way toward satisfying your hunger.

7.     Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs may not be your favorite food when they get cold, but they make for a VERY filling snack to eat anytime and anywhere. You can bring them on the road with you, peel them in front of your TV, or even chow down on the way to the gym. You’ll find that the high protein content of the eggs makes them perfect for your diet, and for those worried about calories, you can ditch the egg yolk and stick with just the egg white.

8.     PBJ

Yes, a peanut butter jelly sandwich is a brilliant food to eat when you’re hungry. Peanut butter is loaded with healthy fats, and the organic type is fairly sugar-free. Stick with just a little bit of jam and whole wheat bread, and your PBJ sandwich is a beautifully healthy and filling snack!

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