The Beverly Hills Diet for Weight Loss

The original Beverly Hills Diet, as prescribed by its originator, Judy Mazel is a regimen based on knowing the right combinations of certain foods to eat. The diet asserts that if you follow it meticulously you will lose weight successfully. The Beverly Hills Diet claims that weight gain is the result of eating the wrong combinations of foods and not totally the result of eating too much. 

Benefits of the Beverly Hills Diet

If you are determined to lose weight rather quickly you’ll find the Beverly Hills Diet to be a great option. You can actually lose as much as 15 pounds in just over a month. The weight loss is based on the theory that when you provide your body with right combinations of healthy foods at the right time, your body will use the natural enzymes it produces to eliminate all non essentials from your body.

How Does the Beverly Hills Diet Work?

The Beverly Hills Diet is actually a low calorie diet which is one of the main reasons that people are able to successfully lose weight. The diet states that you should never mix carbohydrates with proteins. You should also avoid eating fruits with other food combinations, especially fat. When eating fruit, eat one kind of fresh fruit at a time and wait at least an hour before switching to a different kind of fruit. The diet recommends starting your day with fruit, such as watermelon, and eating as much as you like. Two hours after eating fruit, you can eat carbohydrates, but you cannot eat any more fruit for the remainder of the day. After having your carbs, you’ll need to wait a few hours before you eat protein. By following the rules, the process prevents your body from storing fat, which is the main reason behind weight gain. The longer you follow the Beverly Hills diet, the more weight you will lose.

Are There any Drawbacks to the Beverly Hills Diet?

Many people who have been on the diet for any length of time find it tiresome and boring after a period. The main complaint people have is that they feel hungry all the time. There are also concerns about a lack of adequate nutrition. Essential vitamins and other nutrients are needed for the body to function properly. It is equally important for adults to consume enough calories. On average, women should eat a minimum of 1600 calories a day and men need a minimum of 2000 calories a day for optimum health.

Doctors and nutritionists cautioned people about the Beverly Hills Diet years ago when the it first appeared. Since that time, a new Beverly Hills Diet has been developed that promises to address and correct the earlier concerns about nutritional balance and calorie intake.

Should I Follow the Beverly Hills Diet?

If you are looking for a successful way to lose 10 or 15 pounds in about a month, the Beverly Hills Diet could be a good short-term option. However, it is important to consult with your healthcare provider before starting new diets, especially if you have an existing health condition or are taking medication. Talk to a licensed nutritionist to help you plan the healthiest meals that align with the Beverly Hills Diet if you choose to follow this diet. Beverly Hills Diet cookbooks are also available for nutritional guidance.

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