The Colorful Fall Foods of Health

Fall is a time when not only the trees are brightly colored, but the fruits and vegetables are brightly colored as well. You’ll find that there are many foods just coming into season during the fall, foods that will be delicious as well as nutritious. Seasonal fruits are often cheaper, so it’s wise to consider these colorful fall foods if you’re going shopping for your produce.


There are few veggies or fruits that scream “fall foods” more than squash, the brightly colored orange vegetable. Pumpkins are a winter squash, and they make their way into your November Thanksgiving pie due to their delicious flavor. However, 1 serving of pumpkins has tons of potassium, a lot of the fiber you need every day, and plenty of B vitamins and Vitamin A. These veggies are just the smart, healthy choice, as long as you don’t make them into a pie!


Apples are available pretty much all year round, but there are some that bloom later in the summer and early in the fall. They tend to be sweeter than Granny Smith apples, but they’re loaded with healthy antioxidants – which are found in the apple’s skin. You’ll also get lots of pectin – a healthy form of fiber – from apples, so they’re definitely deserving of a place on your shopping list!


If you’ve never tried these fall foods, you’re missing out! They make a great alternative to potato puree, and you’ll find that they’re rich in healthy fibers and minerals. They look a bit like white carrots, but they’re loaded with the potassium your muscles need to drain away excess water. If you’re going for a health meal, it’s wise to add parsnips onto your menu just for the nutrients they contain.

Brussels Sprouts

An odd-looking food that resembles miniature cabbages, these delicious fall veggies make for great cooking. You can basically blanch or steam them, or throw them into a wok and stir-fry them for wonderful flavors. You’ll get tons of Vitamin K from just a cup of these fall foods, not to mention all the iron and folate that your body needs. They’re not as rich in flavor as some of the other veggies here, but they’re a light, tasty choice!


If you want color, this root vegetable certainly has it. These fall foods are sort of the lovechild of cabbage and turnips, and they look a bit like oddly colored radishes. What makes them awesome is the fact that they’re loaded with digestive fiber – both soluble and insoluble – and a whole lot of Vitamin C. They just make a healthy addition to your menu, so they’re worth adding!

Sweet Potatoes

Sort of like the fruity cousin of real, hearty potatoes, these sweet root vegetables are one of the classic fall foods. They make excellent purees, and they’re a lower-calorie replacement for butter-heavy mashed potatoes. They contain a lot of Vitamin A, and they’re loaded with iron. Best of all, they can help to reduce inflammation – making them great for arthritis, muscle pains, and more!


This delicious fruit is definitely the oddball on the list. It’s one of the hardest to eat, and yet it’s so tasty that it’s worth the effort. It’s one of those fall foods that is incredibly beneficial for your health, as it’s loaded with healthy antioxidants -more than red wine even! You’ll get lots of Vitamin C from this food, so it’s definitely a healthy treat.


There are few types of citrus fruit more beloved than the tangerine – the very tangy, easy to peel Oriental orange. It makes great juices, and it can be added into pretty much any fruit salad. You’ll find it’s loaded with Vitamin C, and it has almost as much Vitamin A as a carrot. They’re just a darn tasty fruit – one of the best fall foods indeed!

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