The Flexitarian Diet for Weight Loss and Health

The Flexitarian Diet offers you a vegetarian diet that gives you the flexibility to have a steak if you really want one. It is a balanced diet that you can to use for weight loss and your pursuit of optimal health. The American Heart Association says that the Flexitarian Diet can offer proper nutrition and health if you carefully plan your intake of essential nutrients. The diet’s author states that, by following this diet, you can lower your risk of cancer, having diabetes, and steer away from heart disease.

Become a Flexitarian

It is important that you include five, specific food groups in your flexitarian diet. 
These food groups include: whole grains; fruits and vegetables; dairy; sugar and spice;and what is called the “new meat.” group. The “new meat” group is made up of: eggs; beans; tofu; peas; lentils; and nuts and seeds. You will be provided with recipes in a meal plan that cover a five-week period of time. The recipes will offer you calorie counts for each meal. Your activity level will need to be considered in your menu planning.

Weight Loss

Research has shown that if you are a vegetarian, you usually eat a smaller number of calories and weigh less than you would if you were a “meat eater.” In the Flexitarian Diet many of the same foods, and most of the benefits apply. You feel fuller and should get rid of some unwanted pounds fairly quickly. 

Cardio Benefits

Diets that are plant-based, like a vegetarian diet, help prevent heart disease, keep your blood pressure regulated, and will help keep your cholesterol levels at a safe number. As a Flexitarian, you will share some of these same benefits if you plan your protein intake carefully.

Physical Activity

Exercise is an  important part of this diet. If you exercise at a moderate level, 30 minutes, five days a week is advised. If you do intense exercising, three days a week, for 20 minutes is  recommended. 

Dietary Guidelines

The dietary guidelines for fat, protein, salt intake, and carbohydrates are well within the daily limits suggested by government agencies. The Flexitarian menus keep you within the recommended levels of Potassium, Calcium, fiber, Potassium, Vitamin D and Vitamin B-12.You should also consider making it a habit to take a multi-vitamin each day that is specific for your gender, and a mineral substitute is advisable. 

The Flexitarian Diet and Considerations<p>
“The Flexitarian Diet,”  by Dawn Jackson Blatner rates high in convenience; gives the feels of being satisfied and full; and if you shop right, the cost should stay well within your food budget. You can purchase the book for around $16. The book includes easy-to-follow menus, recipes, and even a shopping list for you.

Before starting any new weight loss or fitness program it is advisable to talk to a health care provider, especially if you have an existing health issue or are currently taking prescription medication. If you have not been physically active for an extended period of time it may be beneficial to visit your doctor for a physical examination. Remember that optimum health and fitness take time, commitment, and planning. There are no quick fixes. Making wise dietary choices and providing your body with regular exercise is the best way to lose unwanted pounds and increase both your fitness and energy levels.

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