The Four Critical Pillars for a Healthy Life

Having a healthy life is about so much more than just avoiding junk food or cutting out gluten. It’s about finding all the things in your life that could be impairing your health, then eliminating any triggers or detriments. The truth is that it’s going to take a lot of work to improve your health and life the healthiest possible life, but it can be done. In the end, it boils down to four critical pillars for a healthy life:


The food you eat determines your health. If you eat right, you’ll live a long, healthy life. Put the wrong foods in your body, and your health will suffer. That means it’s important to eliminate unhealthy foods while loading up on as much of the healthy foods as possible. Foods you should cut from your diet include junk foods, processed and artificial foods, anything with high sugar content, and anything made with hydrogenated oils. You should try to eat high-fat foods in moderation, and keep a tight rein on your intake of high-sugar fruits. But when it comes to healthy proteins, low-sugar fruits, vegetables, plant-based fats, nuts, seeds, and whole grains, you can enjoy them in larger doses to guarantee better health. However, don’t let your calorie consumption get away from you. How much you eat is almost as important as what you eat!


Without exercise, your body is going to suffer. Not only will your muscles weaken, but your joints are more likely to become stiff, your body will store more energy than it burns, and your metabolism will slow down. The key to being healthy is to spend at least the minimum recommended 150 minutes per week doing moderate to high intensity exercise, and ideally spread out over the course of the entire week rather than just crammed into one or two days. The more time you spend exercising, the faster your metabolism will run, and the more calories you’ll burn every day. Exercise will balance your hormones, manage stress, and make you feel a whole lot better about yourself, too.

Stress and Lifestyle

A stressful life is far more likely to be filled with detrimental activities, such as oversleeping or undersleeping, eating unhealthy comfort foods, stress eating, or missing out on your daily workout. If you let stress rule your life, you’ll find it becomes incredibly hard to live a healthy, balanced life. That’s why it’s so important for your health that you manage stress. Stress can raise your risk of all health problems, from heart disease to hormonal imbalances to impotence to cancer. Managing stress is critical for keeping your body in a healthy balance, and avoiding things that are unhealthy. Change your lifestyle to decrease stress and get your daily habits under control.

Emotional Health

Your emotional health goes hand in hand with your stress levels, but it’s so much more than just how you feel now. Emotions can fluctuate throughout our day, leading us from feeling happy to depressed to angry to stressed to suffocated, all in the space of a few minutes or hours. When your emotions are so wildly fluctuating, it can be very hard to keep your healthy life on track. You’ll have no energy or desire to exercise, and you’ll be far more prone to emotional eating. That’s why it’s so critical that you take care of your emotional health. Make friends, form a support network, get help from a professional, and find ways to improve your emotional wellbeing. It will pay off bigtime in the long run!

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