The Heart of Exercise: Zone One

In this article, we’ll cover the first of the five targeted heart rate zones for Effective Exercise.

This is the starter zone, which is called the “Warm Zone”. This target heart rate zone is only going to require that you reach about 50-60% of your maximum heart rate in order to have an effective workout.

Using the 187 as an example, you want to reach the target zone of 50-60% of that for the Warm Zone. So, around 93-95 BPM is the perfect heart rate for the Warm Zone. It is important to stay in this zone for a minimum of five minutes. 20-40 minutes is ideal, but since this zone is suitable for those not used to heavy exercise, 5-10 minutes will certainly be sufficient.

This is for individuals easing into exercise, or for obese or elderly people. It helps to boost metabolism in a safe way. Use this zone to get your breathing and stamina up and to give your diet a boost.

Zone one is the most comfortable zone out of the five. It can be easily reached by just walking briskly. It will strengthen your heart, help shape and tone your muscles, and it will also assist in dropping that unwanted body fat, reducing cholesterol, and even reducing blood pressure.

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