The Heart of Exercise: Zone Two

In this article, we’ll cover the second of the five targeted heart rate zones for Effective Exercise.

This is called the “Heater Zone”. It is the second of five target heart rate zones you can implement in your exercise routine.
Using the 180 as an example, you want to reach the target zone of 60-70% of that for the Heather Zone. So, around 108-126 BPM is the perfect heart rate for the Heather Zone. You need to stay in this zone for at least 10 minutes per workout.

This zone is the next step up from the beginner zone. It is still well suited for those with conditions which limit heart rate and is also user-friendly for those wishing to remain in the light cardio range. This zone helps to burn fat very effectively.

Anyone can easily reach this zone. It’s a little more than a brisk walk. For example, using an elliptical machine at work or a treadmill with an inclined setting, or even an exercise bike on medium resistance can get you up to 60-70% maximum heart rate quite quickly.

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