Having Will Power is Important

A diet is nothing unless you stick to it. Even if you’re taking some off the wall medication (not that we’d ever endorse any type of body-altering, dangerous drug), you’d still need to take it. Sticking with something is usually the hardest part, especially when the idea of work is involved. This is undoubtedly why most diets fail – there’s not enough will power involved.

As an obese person or simply a person needing to shed a few pounds, gaining weight was the easy part. Look back on it as much as you want, and I bet you’d never really call eating tasty foods “work.” If it was, then we’d all be so lucky to land such an enjoyable job.

To lose the weight and change your lifestyle, however, is going to take work. It’s going to take a lot of will power on your part and the certainty within yourself that you are not only capable of pulling off the task, but also more than willing for the challenge. It’s about getting motivated to start and staying motivated when the results fail to impress. It’s about pushing through something to the end.

Why having will power is so important

Well, that’s because there’s nothing easier to do in the entire world than to quit at something. Imagine you’re walking on a beam 4 inches wide but only 6 inches off of the ground. You can tell yourself, “Okay, I have to walk straight across this beam without falling off.” But if you start to lose your balance, what’s the big deal? It’s only a 6 inch drop and it’s really of no consequence. Quitting is easy.

This is how most people approach dieting, unfortunately. Because they do not see the danger—or do and just see their current lifestyle as more enjoyable—it’s always easy to step off of the beam every time balance is lost. But imagine that beam is 60 stories off the ground. Would you quit then? Of course you wouldn’t; your survival instincts would kick in and you would make it across that beam even if you had to crawl an inch at a time.

In other words, you’d will yourself to get across that beam, because if you didn’t get across you’d end up as a roadside pancake. When dieting, it’s important that you approach your task with that type of will power. Anything less will present itself as far too easy to give up on. Hopefully, you will never need a real health scare or, even worse, a legitimate health problem to get you on that beam and walking. But if it comes to that, then you can bet it’s because you never had the will power to cross it before.

The power to avoid junk food, avoid being lazy and avoid other habits that are bad for you starts with you. If you have the will power to stay on that beam, then you will definitely reach your goals.

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