The Kimkins Online Diet

There are many low carb diets but the Kinkins Diet is a low carb diet that you can find online. This diet is a hybrid of the Atkins diet and the South Beach diet, offering more carbs than the South Beath diet and less fats than the atkins diet.

Another definitive characteristic of this diet is the low carb intake. This low calorie intake has raised questions in the nutritionist community with many experts stating that this diet is borderline starvation. Before engaging in this diet or any other diet, you should speak with a nutritionist for the best line of action for weight loss.

The Kimkins diet is a multi weight loss program that allows flexibility. Most diets only have one form of doing things. With the Kimkins weight loss program you are able to find the program that is right for your needs whether it is a long term diet or a quickie diet to get you ready for your high school reunion. These six programs are flexible to choose from:

  • The Original Kimkins Diet
  • The Kimkins Boot Camp Diet
  • The Kimmer Experiment Diet
  • The Shake it Good Diet
  • The Flex Cycling Option Diet
  • The Vegetarian Option Diet

All of these programs have different food plans, calorie intakes and exercise requirements. Some are more suited than others and you can choose which ever diet is more beneficial to your needs. Alcohol is not permitted in any of these dieting programs. Most of the programs do not allow fruits, milk, bread, sweets and potatoes added into the diet.

Some of the foods that are recommended while on the Kimkins diet are chicken, salmon, tuna, flank steak, turkey, egg whites, buffalo, ostrich, venison, salad greens, low carb veggies, nuts, avocados, diet soda, low card yogurt, salsa, soy sauce, and light sour cream.

With the boot camp option, you must incorporate working out into your routine. With the other programs, working out is recommended but strictly optional. Since this is an online dieting program, you will have access to an online support group to help you through your diet to reach your weight loss goals. You will be supplied with many delicious recipes and meals.

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