The Lemon Detox Diet

Getting its start back in 1941 by Stanley Burroughs, the Master Cleanse diet, also known as the Lemon Detox Diet, is a fluids-only plan aimed at detoxifying the body, specifically the liver, and promoting healthy energy in people.

Like most diets out there, this one is controversial and many people claim that there are no detoxifying effects from the liquid. However, many people use this plan and experience effective weight loss and an overall energy boost.

How The Lemon Detox Works

The premise of the diet is rather simple: for a period of 7 to 10 days, a person is only allowed to drink a solution of madal bal tree syrup, which is a syrup containing the sap of five trees: maple and four different Asian palm trees. Using this syrup as a base, the other ingredients to make the drink are: water, sea salt, lemon and cayenne pepper.

Basically, the syrup contains natural sugars which provide the body with energy and take the place of the carbohydrates you would otherwise get from food. But since you’re still basically on a low-carb plan and the fact that you’re not ingesting any fat, people have great success in losing weight when they switch to this plan.

The Lemon Diet drink receipt

There are many, many different versions of the Lemon Detox Diet. Here is one of them. A basic drink would contain: two tablespoons of syrup, a cup of water, ¼ cup of lemon juice, a pinch of sea salt, and ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper. You will need a larger glass for this, and you should drink the concoction roughly 6-12 times per day (depending on serving size).

For the salt, lemon and cayenne, you can pick these items up at your local grocery store. For the syrup, you can find the blended solution in most health food stores, or you can at least find the syrup from the Asian trees. You can then blend 1/5 part maple syrup from the grocery store.

What you should know about the detox plan

It’s important to note that, on any cleansing, liquid-only diet, you should be careful when switching back to normal foods. You want to do this gradually, or else you will instantly put the weight back on.

Because of the extremely low calorie intake and the lack of essential vitamins and minerals, this diet works best when you’re also taking a multivitamin or some other type of supplement. You should never sacrifice your overall health to lose a few pounds.

This diet is for short-term weight-loss goals only. The plan should extend anywhere from 7 to 10 days. Beyond that, it is just too unhealthy to give up on food completely.

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