The Mayo Clinic Diet 

The Mayo Clinic Diet was developed by health experts at the Mayo Clinic. It is designed to give you a lifetime of wellness. It will support your overall health and help you maintain a healthy body weight. At its core, is the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid, which gives you suggestions on daily activity and good eating choices. The Mayo Clinic Diet helps you choose healthy foods and portion sizes that will help lead you to a healthier lifestyle. More importantly, the Diet helps reduce and manage weight-related health problems.

Why Should You Choose The Mayo Clinic Diet?

The Mayo Clinic diet was developed by professionals in the medical field and it is the type of diet that you can use for life. It will help you eliminated negative lifestyle habits and replace them with positive habits to improve your health. The Mayo Clinic diet recommends the right amounts and types of foods to help you lose weight while eating nutritious, well-balanced meals.

Loose It and Live It

The “loose it” part of this Diet is made up of a two week period of time designed to produce a short period of intense weight loss. It is possible to loose 6 to 10 pounds in this time period. The weight loss comes as you commit to breaking five lifestyle habits that are unhealthy, and add five healthy habits. You also need to do 30 minutes of exercise activity each day.

The “live it” phase comes about as you learn how to plan a healthy menu, how to choose foods that are good for you, look at portion sizes, and find new ways to stick to the healthy habits that you learn about. The overall goal is to maintain good lifestyle habits and maintain a healthy goal weight. These steps will help you develop lifelong healthy eating patterns. Physical activity is also a part of the “live it” phase of the Mayo Clinic Diet. This Diet can be tailored to fit your situation and personal needs.

Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid
The Healthy Weight Pyramid helps you focus on the importance of eating right and needed exercise. The focal point of the Pyramid base, is made up of eating large amounts of food that have few calories. Fruits and vegetables are strongly encouraged. Moderate amounts of other healthy foods fill in the rest of the Pyramid.  These may include low-fat dairy products , whole grain sources of carbohydrates, lean sources of protein, such as beans or tofu, and fish.

The Mayo Clinic Diet Considerations

If you want a long-term way to manage your weight, then a changes in your eating habits, lifestyle and your physical activity is necessary. The Mayo Clinic Diet recommends a minimum of 30-minutes a day participating in some form ofmoderately intense exercise. Although the Mayo Clinic Diet has been well researched, it may not be the best diet for everyone. Talk to your doctor or a licensed nutritionist about your specific weight loss needs. It is also advisable to get a medical checkup before starting any new weight loss plans or exercise programs. Several years ago, the Mayo Clinic Diet book was published. Read the book to learn more about the research and experiences that were used to create the Mayo Clinic Diet.

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