The ONE Ingredient You Need for Serious Weight Loss

Yes, you heard that right! It’s just ONE ingredient you need in your diet, but it’s going to lead to serious weight loss. Want to try to guess what it is? Fine, we’ll tell you: it’s FIBER! Disappointed? The truth is that fiber is going to do a lot more amazing things than you might have realized. By adding it to your diet, you’ll begin to see results instantly. Weight loss may take time, but the health benefits of fiber are many and begin very quickly!

Fiber 101

Fiber is found in just about every plant-based food: nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies, and whole grains all contain plenty of fiber. There are two types of fiber: 1) soluble, which bonds with water, toxins, sugars, and cholesterol, preventing them from being absorbed or slowing down the absorption rate; and 2) insoluble, which is typically larger particles that work to cleanse your intestines, sort of like a scouring pad.

Why Fiber Leads to Weight Loss

There are two main reasons that fiber can help you lose weight. The first is that fiber is very low in calories. In fact, it’s not just low in calories—it can actually help to count as a carb deficit, because it encourages your body to burn more energy while reducing the amount of calories your body absorbs. More high-fiber foods are also low in calories, which means they will make it much easier for you to reduce your daily calorie intake. The second reason is that they suppress your hunger pangs. Fiber expands when it bonds with water, cholesterol, and sugar, growing in your stomach and leading you to feel full. When you’re full, you’re far less likely to overeat.

Fiber and Your Heart

Fiber isn’t just what you need for serious weight loss; it’s also crucial for your heart! A high fiber diet can keep your cholesterol under control, and will help to both lower your blood pressure and improve your blood flow. Fiber is also capable of reducing inflammation in your body, decreasing the C-reactive proteins that have been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Those who eat high-fiber diets are far less likely to develop heart problems in the long run!

How Much Fiber Do You Really Eat?

Sadly, it’s estimated that as many as 95% of Americans just aren’t getting enough fiber in their diet. This is due to the prevalence of highly processed, low-fiber foods, as well as how difficult it can be to fit enough veggies and whole grains into our modern diet. The average American consumes around half as much fiber as they need. Without meeting those recommended daily servings of fruits (two servings), veggies (five servings), whole grains (two to five servings), and nuts and seeds (one to two servings), you’re never going to be able to get enough fiber in your diet.

How to Get More Fiber for Serious Weight Loss

The first step, and one most people aren’t fond of, is by adding more veggies to your diet. Veggies are very high in fiber and low in sugar and carbs, which means they are your best food for serious weight loss. Make sure that you are eating WHOLE veggies that haven’t had the fiber removed. The same goes for fruits. None of these smoothies or juices; you want whole, natural fruits with all the fiber still intact! Try for more nuts, seeds, and unprocessed whole grains as well. Your body will thank you for adding them to your diet, and you’ll start to see real results!

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