The Science-Backed Weight Loss Tips You Need to Know

Weight loss is never easy! You’re not trying to just lose weight, you’re trying to lose belly fat. And as you well know, fat is very, very hard to lose. After all, your body is designed to store fat, not burn it, so you’re going against your body’s natural inclinations. But it can be done! You’ll have to work extra hard and go out of your way to make it possible, but you can do it, following the science-backed weight loss tips below:

Kick Brown Fat into High Gear

White fat is inert, useless, but brown fat actually helps you to burn more calories as you move. Brown fat can generate heat and burn energy, encouraging better white fat loss. If you’re serious about losing weight, you need to get rid of white fat by activating brown fat as much as possible. The key to doing that? Exercise! Exercise releases a hormone called irisin, which is able to turn all that white fat into brown fat—which will help you burn a lot more calories in the long run.

Control Your Emotions

Emotional eating is the #1 enemy of weight loss. After all, when you stress eat or eat foods to stop you from feeling sad, you wind up eating food that is unhealthy, high in calories, and loaded with carbs and sugars. The result is weight gain, and specifically fat gain! That’s why it’s so crucial to keep your emotional state as balanced as possible. That way, you’ll be more easily able to manage your eating habits and avoid emotional eating!

Get More Sun Time

Spending time in the sun doesn’t just give your skin a wonderful glow; it also helps your body to produce more Vitamin D, which is produced as a result of sunlight absorbed into your skin. Vitamin D has proven effective at increasing the levels of the hormone leptin, which sends satiety signals to your brain and shuts down your appetite.

Chew Slower

A simple habit,  but it absolutely works! Chewing slower helps you to slow down your food intake, which gives you more time for your stomach to fill up and send signals to your brain that you’ve had enough. Studies have proven that people who chew their food more tend to eat less, so it’s worth spending more time chewing your food!

Move More Throughout the Day

Your daily one-hour workout isn’t enough to see serious weight loss results; you’re going to need to move around a lot more all throughout the day. Every hour, make it a point to get up and walk around, climb a few sets of stairs, or do a few simple resistance training exercises. The more you move, the more you rev up your metabolism to burn calories and fats. You’ll see serious results in far less time, even if you miss a few days of workouts due to a busy schedule.

Drink Green Tea

Did you know that green tea is actually capable of targeting belly fat for burning? That’s right: drinking a cup of green tea will fire up your metabolism and activate the fats stored around your midsection, helping your body to turn them into energy to eliminate. The EGCG in green fat can also stop your body from absorbing fat from your diet, encouraging better fat-burning throughout the day. You’ll find that drinking a few more cups of green tea—anywhere from two to five—will have a noticeable effect on your weight loss in just a few short weeks!

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