The Secret to Effective Weight Loss: Testosterone

Losing weight is actually a lot harder than most people believe it to be. Your body is designed to store fat, so burning fat goes against natural design. It takes far more work to burn fat for just that reason. Often, when you burn fat, you end up losing muscle mass as well. Body fat is hard to burn, so your body draws energy from your muscles and your blood sugar as it’s trying to activate fat.

But what if there was a simple way to increase your fat burning without losing muscle fat? What if your efforts to diet and work out could pay off more, with fewer side effects? According to research from the Endocrine Society, testosterone may be the solution to more effective weight loss…

The researchers studied 100 men, all between the ages of 20 and 70. All of the men had fairly low levels of testosterone, and a number of them had other diseases: 10% suffered from cardiac disorders, while 20% suffered from diabetes.

Over the course of the first 10 weeks of the study, the men were fed only a restricted-calorie diet. They cut back on alcohol, performed half an hour of exercise per day, and were kept on a tight calorie intake. Once they hit Week 11, their diet changed to the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet recommended by the Australian government. The diet consists of healthy amounts of normal foods, making it an ideal option for those who want to eat healthy and lose weight.

In addition to the diet, 49 of the 100 men were given injections of testosterone every 10 weeks. The 1,000 mg of testosterone was the only difference between the two groups. The second group (of 51 men) received only a placebo.

Oddly enough, the AMOUNT of weight loss was roughly the same: both groups lost an average of 24 pounds over the course of the 56-week study. However, the difference is in what both groups lost. The placebo group lost a lot of body fat, but they also lost a lot of muscle mass–up to 7.7 pounds of muscle! The testosterone group, on the other hand, lost mostly body fat. Almost all 24 of the pounds they lost were undesirable fat, meaning they ended the diet in much better overall shape than the placebo group. Their BMI was much better, and they had more muscle mass at the end of the year-long diet.

Did you know that obese and overweight men tend to have lower testosterone levels than healthy, fit men? This may be due largely to the fact that excess fat slows down the endocrine system. Thankfully, weight loss can help to increase testosterone production and boost testosterone levels naturally. According to this study, getting more testosterone can be a great way to increase your weight loss efforts, and you may be able to see better results in less time thanks to this male hormone!

How should you go about getting testosterone? It’s not something you can just pick up at any pharmacy, so what can you do? Simple: talk to your doctor! There are testosterone patches, gels, and pills you can take, along with the testosterone injections. Ask your doctor if it’s the right choice for you and your current health. Find out what the side effects of extra testosterone is. The study above only examined testosterone on weight loss, but not on any of the other bodily functions. It’s vital that you understand as much as possible about the pros and cons in order to make an educated choice!

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