The Top Fitness Apps for 2015

If your goal is to make 2015 the year of fitness, you’ll find that there are a lot of fitness apps that will make your life easier. Download them to your phone and use them every day, and they’ll keep you on track with your diet and exercise goals. Here are some of the best fitness apps for 2015:

UP by Jawbone

This app is designed by the same company that designed your Bluetooth headset, and it’s meant to work with that headset to help you track your fitness. The app will connect with the headset and track your fitness metrics–the number of steps taken, the calories burned, the intensity of your activity, etc. You can also use it as a fitness/diet journal, and will help you to keep track of everything you do throughout the day.

Pocket Yoga

If you love Yoga, you’ll be willing to pay the $3 for this app. It will take you through a simple Yoga session, giving you instructions on how to do each movement, transition between the poses, breathe, and so much more. You get illustrated and video instructions on each pose, and you can determine your type of practice, your duration, and even the difficulty of the workout.

Workout Trainer

Not sure if you’re getting that form just right? Check this app to make sure that you’re hitting each exercise perfectly. The app comes with a host of instructional videos, workout routines, and even audio guides to each movement. You can create your own personalized workout and use it to help you get in shape.

Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout App

Want to get in a killer workout in just 7 minutes? This app contains workout routines for beginners, intermediates, and veterans alike, and you’ll find that the 7-minute workouts can be quite intense if done right. You can create your own routines, and the app will work as your personal trainer of sorts. Best of all, it’s totally FREE!

Map My Fitness

This free fitness app helps you to closely monitor your progress as you run, cycle, or walk your way around town. You can choose from more than 600 types of exercises, count calories, track your heart rate, and trace your route. It comes with a load of extra features that will come in very handy for your workouts.


You’ll love this app, which will help you to take you bodybuilding and strength training to the next level. You get thousands of workouts in this app, along with a wide variety of routines, a workout planner, detailed instructions on each movement, an exercise log and progress tracker, and even a profile. You can post your progress online and get support from the many others like you!

Strava Running & Cycling

For those who need help to get a better cardio workout, this is the app for you! Not only will it help you to improve your running and cycling times, but you’ll get a run-tracking feature that will make you more creative with your routes. It’s a fitness tracker as well, and it will monitor your activity to deliver a comprehensive report of each workout. It even gives you challenges to overcome, helping you make progress through the leaderboards!


Want to start running but don’t really know how? This app will walk you through the steps from zero to hero, helping you to work your way up to running your first 5K no matter how out shape you are now. You’ll start out slowly, working up and increasing both your run duration and speed until you’re ready to run that 5K.

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