The Worst Foods to Feed Your Body

We all know that there are BAD foods to feed your body, but do you know which the WORST foods are? Here is a list of the foods that are 100% guaranteed to cause all kinds of health problems:

1.     Donuts

Do you hate your digestive system? If so, pound those donuts! Donuts are usually deep fried, and are powerhouses of fat, calories, and empty carbs. Made with white flour, they have almost NO nutritional value. You’ll find that the deep frying process fills the donuts with inflammatory chemicals, which will cause swelling in your body’s cells–slowing down your internal functions. They’re loaded in preservatives, sugar, and butter, and they’re just absolutely awful for your health.

2.     Sugary Cereal

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit (read: VERY LITTLE) sugar for breakfast, but eating any kind of sugary cereal loads your body with far more sugar than you want. Anything “frosted”, made with chocolate, or bright and colorful (sorry Froot Loops!) is made with TONS of sugar, as well as empty carbs. Both sugar and gluten will wreak havoc in your body, and you’re better off staying far away from these cereals.

3.     Bagels

You may not think that bagels are too bad, but think about it: 200 to 300 calories of empty calories in the form of white flour. They have a very high GI ranking, which means they cause that spike and drop in your blood sugar that leads to weight gain, fatigue, and other health issues. You’ll find that you’re far better off eating whole wheat bread, as bagels contain almost no nutritional value.

4.     Chips

Well, there goes my favorite snack! Chips tend to be deep fried in hydrogenated oils, which increases the production of cholesterol drastically. The fact that chips last for a long time means that the oil has chemicals added to it, which makes it far harder for your body to digest them. Essentially, you’re going to add far too many calories AND double the difficulty of digestion.

5.     Burgers

Unless you’ve made the bread and meat patties yourself, it’s probably best to stay away from burgers. The average fast food burger is made with very little nutritional value, and it’s usually highly processed and filled with preservatives. You’ll find that there is less than 2% real meat in your average fast food burger, and that white flour bun is all empty calories and carbs. The burgers are fried in trans fats, and their saturated fat content is through the roof.

6.     French Fries

These should get the same treatment as potato and tortilla chips, as they’re deep fried in hydrogenated oils. Potatoes do contain healthy nutrients, but most of the goodness is simply fried right out of them. WAY too much salt is sprinkled onto your average French fry, meaning your heart is going to suffer something fierce. Plus, deep fried foods like French fries contain acrylamide, a carcinogen that can lead to cancer.

7.     Margarine

It may be proclaimed as “better than butter”, but that’s just a load of crock! Margarine is made from hydrogenated oils, which means that it’s highly artificial and far less than healthy. The trans fats in margarine can elevate your cholesterol levels, as well as damage the walls of your arteries. Better off eating butter than margarine!

8.     Microwave Popcorn

Popcorn is usually such a healthy, low-calorie snack when made in the air popper, but instant popcorn is absolutely horrible for your health. Not only is it covered in chemicals to give it its delicious flavor, but the bag contains perfluorochemicals, which are known carcinogens. Plus, it’s way high in fat!

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