Those Sneaky Calories — Why You Eat More than You Think You Do

Don’t you just hate it when you diet as hard as you can, but you just don’t lose weight? I know I do, and it’s those darn sneaky calories!

Diet alone isn’t the solution, but it’s an important part of weight loss. I hate counting calories, but I know that it helps me to watch what I eat. The problem is, I sometimes forget to add those sneaky calories that I forget are in my food…


I can’t eat a salad without a good dressing, but I’ve never really taken the time to look and see how many calories I’m putting on my food with each portion. If you serve a huge plate of salad, you’ll need to add at least three or four tablespoons of dressing. In a spoonful of Ranch dressing, you get about 79 calories. You get at least 50 calories per tablespoon of Caesar dressing, and even “light” Italian dressing  has about 45 calories in each spoonful. That means I’m adding a lot more calories to my salad than I want, so I’m not really cutting calories properly.


Unless you’re a hardcore dieter, there’s no way that you can make your food edible without a little bit of oil. Poached eggs just aren’t as good as fried eggs, and a bit of butter in the bottom of the pan makes those mushrooms taste absolutely fantastic. You can’t help using a bit of oil, but man that calories in oil sure add up! Each tablespoon of vegetable oil and olive oil has almost 120 calories, so even the “healthier” oils will still add a lot of calories to your foods. If you’re not willing to cut oil out of your meal altogether, you’d better be prepared to count each tablespoon you add into the frying pan, onto the baked chicken, or over your salad dressing.


I prefer to chew gum as I work, as it helps me to focus on what I’m doing. Some people like to suck on breath mints, as it stops them from being hungry when on their diet. However, have you ever looked at how many calories are in each piece of gum or mint? I get about 40 calories from the gum that I chew every day, and a Lifesavers Peppermint breath mint has about 5 calories per mint. If you pop these candies into your mouth to stop yourself from eating, you’d better count them in your diet every day!

Idle Bites

I have a bad habit of tasting everything that I cook, and I always snag a bite of meat or chicken from whatever dish I’m making. Do you absentmindedly eat the crusts that you’ve cut off your son’s sandwich? My wife likes to eat the last few bites of whatever was for lunch, just to be sure that the last bit of food doesn’t go to waste and that the kids don’t dirty a container with two spoons full of food. If you snack on something without really thinking about it, that’s just a few more sneaky calories that you’re eating every day.


Did you know that your “diet” soda has calories? Sure, it’s not as many as a regular soda, but you’re still eating more calories than you think when you have three or four of these sodas throughout the day. Add a bit of sugar into your coffee, and add on a few more calories as well. Drop some honey into that natural tea you’re drinking, and chalk up a bit more on the calorie counter. Mix some iced tea powder into your cold water over lunch, and there are some more sneaky calories.


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