Best time start lifestyle changes to lose permanent weight






The best time to start losing weight

When should I start losing weight?

When is the best time to start lifestyle changes to lose weight?


It’s always hard to take that final step and change your lifestyle for the better. For some people, losing permanent weight can mean big changes ahead, but making all the right changes can seem like a huge task. Humans are creatures of habit and making any changes can seem so hard to commit to. Many people want it to be perfect before committing to any change, often waiting for what feels like the right time, like waiting until after the holidays, or waiting for the end of the month. The fact is, it only takes an instant to change our mindset, and you can begin NOW. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just get things moving now. If you only changed just one thing today – like going from soda to diet soda, or switching from diet soda to water – that one thing is a step in the right direction. At the moment, your ultimate goal may seem like a thousand miles away but, remember any long journey always begins with the first step, success will be realized by just taking more of the same steps over time!

At first, figuring out what you should be eating, how to prepare the foods, what activity you’ll be doing, how to cut calories, workouts, etc, may be time consuming and a little confusing, but you’ll learn the correct way as you go. Once you get used to the ideas and how to eat and exercise it will become like second nature. You may agonize at the grocery store, trying to remember what to buy and what to make, but it will get easier with experience. The hardest part is starting to change because you’re trying to build habits – once those healthy habits are in place, it won’t seem like so much work to maintain them. Just start, even little changes are good ones! It doesn’t have to be all or nothing – work it in slowly if you can’t do it all at once. You’re building healthy behaviours for a LIFETIME so take your time, but make sure to begin now!


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