Keep Your Breasts Healthy & Looking Great

Although the hardcore, bra-burning, self-esteem-shrinking feminists out there lash out at the mere mention of the word “breasts,” millions upon millions of women—and men too, never forget—enjoy their breasts for what they are and realize that they’re much more than baby feeders.

Good-looking breasts promote self-confidence. Maybe society shouldn’t be that way, but it is. Breasts are also an erogenous zone and countless women receive sexual pleasure from having their breasts contacted during sexual encounters. And, unfortunately, breasts are also a hot spot for cancer. Millions of women suffer from breast cancer every year.

So whether you’re looking to keep your breasts feeling their best, looking their best, performing their best or at their healthiest, the tips in this article are about all things breast.

No order of importance, no groupings of relevance, and no overly serious subject matter to bring you down – just some quick tips for women and their breasts.

20 Breast Tips for Women

One: Keep Your Weight Healthy

Staying at a healthy weight will help to fight against cancer-causing free radicals and also help you prevent other diseases. Staying at a healthy weight also allows for more symmetry in the breasts; overweight women often have misshapen, uneven breasts, even though they experience a “boost” in size from the fat.

Two: Let them Breathe

To simply feel good and refreshed, ditch that bra and put on a loose-fitting silk shirt or a shirt of some other smooth material. The feel of the material against your breasts will definitely perk you up and improve your mood.

Three: Get the Lotion Out

Massaging your breasts with lotion here is a two-for-one situation. Not only does a sensual massage feel great, but you can also be sure to examine your breasts for any lumps while doing it.

Four: Use Your Illusion

For larger-looking breasts without any tape or specialty garments (we may have some tips on those later), you can put a bronzer over your cleavage line, between and under your breasts. The optical illusion created will add a cup size in a hurry.

Five: Ice them down

Just like having cold feet (literal cold feet, not nervousness) will leave your entire body feeling cooled down, the same thing applies for the breasts. If you’re ever feeling a little too hot, rubbing some ice over your cleavage will cool you down quickly.

Six: Make them Glow

For the type of breasts you see on Italian supermodels, nice and bronzed with perfect nipples, go bra-less for a tan (or use some self-tanner) while coating your nipples in Vaseline to keep the sun away from them. The color they pick up transforms your breasts completely.

Seven: Stay Active

Working out for at least half an hour five days a week will help boost your immune function and help to fight off any diseases. A healthy metabolism also equals healthier skin. This means your breasts will look great and gravity won’t take its toll so quickly.

Eight: Tape is Your Friend

Double-sided tape is a great way to make your bust look full and large while still leaving your breasts looking perfectly natural.

Nine: Avert the Eyes

Going bra-less can feel great for you, but having guys stare at your nipples all night can be embarrassing. Be sure to grab some nipple concealers if you’re planning on going bra-less to any sort of function.

Ten: Keeping Dry

Exercising can cause your breasts to sweat and leave an embarrassing ring around the bust line. Dusting your breasts—over, under and in between—with baby powder before working out is a great way to avoid working up too much of a sweat.

Eleven: Produce to Produce Results

When your period hits and your breasts begin to feel sore, a cold leaf from a head of cabbage or lettuce can help alleviate the pain. Think about the proverbial steak over the black eye. Just wrap a cold leaf around your breasts for a few minutes.

Twelve: Work with Karma

For your breasts and the breasts of every other woman out there, make sure karma’s on your side and donate some money to a breast cancer charity to help win the fight against the disease.

Thirteen: Moisturize

For the best pleasure for you and your lover, make sure that your breasts are moisturized and that your skin is soft and smooth. This definitely intensifies the pleasure for all parties involved.

Fourteen: Easy on the Booze

New research has shown that women who drink in excess of two glasses of alcohol per day are at a 21% higher risk for breast cancer. But if you simply love your wine too much, you can switch to a non-alcoholic brand. You’ll be rewarded for this. Resveratrol, which is found in grapes, can help reduce your estrogen levels and thus reduce your risk of cancer.

Fifteen: Hit the Weights

Working your pectoral muscles will help your breasts look firm and fit. Don’t go crazy like those body-building girls. Too much fat loss equals breast loss. But supplementing with some toned muscle will give your bust line a youthful-looking appearance and help them stay perky.

Sixteen: Veganism Works

Green vegetables, such as broccoli and kale, contain a substance called sulforaphane, which can help you stave off breast cancer by keeping the cells associated with cancer from multiplying. For the best benefits, make sure to eat the vegetables raw.

Seventeen: Exposed to the Elements

After a long, hard day, when you’re feeling cranky and tired, placing a damp washcloth over your breasts and allowing the wind to blow on them (from a fan or open window, etc) can help you feel calm, cool and relaxed. As an added benefit, it might also put you in the mood.

Eighteen: Study Your History

Early detection is your best weapon against breast cancer, especially if you have a history of the disease. Don’t just stop at your mother and grandmother – look into your extended family history to see if you notice any genetic predisposition.

Nineteen: One-Sidedness

A lot of women deal with the problem of lopsided breasts. Most guys won’t care, but symmetry is something that is really important to a lot of women. If you’re a little uneven, you can try working only one side of your body via butterflies or a bench press. The muscle boost may even things out.

Twenty: Breastfeeding

If you are using your breasts to do their most natural task, be sure that you’re eating a healthy diet, staying off the booze, and are consuming some added calories for all the vitamins and nutrients lost during the feeding process.

Overall, there are thousands of tips out there when it comes to breasts. These twenty tips range from making your breasts look bigger to keeping them soft and sensitive for sex. It’s more an inclusive article about breasts in general more so than anything specific. Just always be sure that you are checking your breasts constantly and are aware of your family history.



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