How to Calculate Daily Calorie Needs

Less Calories Than Body Needs = Weight Loss.

When trying to lose weight is important to know what your daily calorie needs are, even if it is a rough estimate. With this information you will know the intake of calories needed each day for you to lose the weight more effectively.

The number of calories needed refers to how many calories your body requires in order to maintain present body weight. In order to lose weight you need to consume less than your body requires but, how much less?

The general figure some people believe is around 500 calories less each day. This could be made up of 250 less from diet and 250 extra calories burned from an increase in activity levels. This is ok for an average person who may only need to lose a few pounds however, many people have different energy intakes, and some may be consuming far more than they require before deciding to go on a diet.

I believe a better way is to reduce calorie consumption by around 15 percent of present calorie intake. This is because many people may find out how many calories they require but, they may be consuming more than that figure with their current intake. So, if someone is consuming 3000 calories before dieting, and they reduce it by 500, it would mean a total of 2500 per day. Therefore, with the caloric reduction, a person can begin losing weight.

Use our calculator below to work out your daily calorie needs.


  Calculate Your Caloric Needs
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Calculator provided by Gregg Kellett

It is extremely difficult to accurately determine a persons calorie needs. For this reason our Calorie calculator should only be used as a rough guide to estimating your daily calorie needs! We except no liability for its inaccuracy or misuse. Please read our terms.


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