Top 5 Diet Supplements #2: Lipozene

Unfortunately, roughly 25% of citizens in the United States are considered to be overweight, with more than half of that number considered to be obese. And whether you agree with the antiquated charts some professionals use, like the ones which do not take into account muscle mass, a quick walk through any mall’s food court will illustrate the problem better than any numbers printed on paper.

Yes, we have a problem with overeating. But there are countless thousands of so-called solutions out there, like one of the hottest weight-loss supplements on the market today, the diet pill Lipozene.

Like any diet pill, users are supposed to pop a pill or few a days, and the drug is supposed to help aid in weight loss. However, Lipozene makes pretty bold claims. Unlike many out there, Lipozene outright guarantees that you can lose weight or your money back.

How Lipozene Works

Basically, Lipozene is just a weight-loss suppressant, condensed down and put into pill form. You wouldn’t know it from the high-dollar advertising that goes on, but Lipozene is a one-trick pony, containing no metabolism boosters (fat burners) like many other products have. But the company does promote its product as if it is burning fat, when it fact it’s just helping users to eat less.

By taking a pill, you’re suppressing your appetite and—hopefully—eating less. The result is a simple assist to your diet that, if used correctly and in conjunction with exercise, can help shed some pounds.

Pros and Cons of Lipozene


  • Containing the clinically-proven ingredient glucomannan, Lipozene has hard scientific evidence in its corner that taking a pill can help curb your appetite
  • Since it’s only an appetite suppressant, Lipozene contains no harmful stimulants, so it is a relatively safe product to take
  • Although Lipozene makes bold claims, it doesn’t present itself as a miracle product


  • It is rather expensive to purchase a 30-pill (one month) bottle of Lipozene, and your appetite will definitely come back once off the product, so it’s something most people have to stay on (not addictive, though, thankfully!)
  • Their guarantee only runs for 30 days, and that’s unfortunately when most dieters reach that difficult plateau. This shows that Lipozene is covering their hind end more than trying to live up to their product’s effectiveness, and that’s a negative all day
  • Only one active ingredient for the price, with no additional ingredients—not even green tea—to assist in boosting your metabolism

Editor’s Verdict

As an appetite suppressant, Lipozene works. We cannot argue with the results of glucomannan; it’s a legitimate product. However, this product is very expensive. Dieters can purchase glucomannan in other forms and under different product names for a far less. So at the end of the day, while Lipozene does help to suppress one’s appetite, there are more affordable ways to go about it.

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