Top 5 Diet Supplements #3: Adapexin-P

With most popular weight-loss supplements on the market, you’ll find big advertising behind their success. This is how most companies are able to propel their products up the charts, but it isn’t always the case. Some products manage to get by with very little mainstream advertising.

For Adapexin-P in particular, one of the most popular diet supplements on the market today, this pill has taken off due to word of mouth and strict Internet buzz, proving that social networking is just as effective for advertising as is TV or large billboards.

Of course, Internet buzz isn’t always a great thing. If word spread that Adapexin-P was a scam, it wouldn’t be making this list. Word spread far and wide because of the supplement’s apparent effectiveness. As a weight-loss pill, Adapexin-P stands out as one of the only all-inclusive drugs on the mainstream market to not be shunned, offering metabolism boosters, appetite suppressants, and other benefits.

How Adapexin-P Works

With around two pills per day, Adapexin-P supposedly boosts your metabolism, helps to curb your hunger, helps to increase energy levels, and works to burn those stubborn fat pounds away. Using a host of clinically-proven weight-loss ingredients, this supplement is one of the more complete out there.

Adapexin-P packs a healthy punch of B12, Chromax, caffeine, raspberry extract, glucomannan, ginger root, Phenylethylamine, and other ingredients, working in combination to provide aid to dieters.

Pros and Cons of Adapexin-P


  • Works by boosting energy levels, raising the body’s metabolic rate, and by suppressing appetite
  • Money-back guarantee offered when purchased off of the main Adapexin-P website
  • Chromium in the supplement has many benefits, including helping to reduce levels of bad cholesterol when taken in conjunction with a healthy diet


  • People with anxiety, high blood pressure and other ailments may experience side effects from this supplement
  • Because of caffeine levels and other “booster” drugs contained within, it’s certainly not one of the safest supplements you could take, although the side effects are not drastic (upset stomach, dizziness, headache)
  • The bold claims by the site that people can lose 10 pounds in a month off of this supplement alone are certainly false. Any dieter needs to know that they cannot continue to eat in excess and expect to lose weight

Editor’s Verdict

From everything we read about Adapexin-P, it seems to be a working product. However, that’s not to say we promote the use of this product. Because of some of its ingredients, Adapexin-P can be dangerous to dieters. If you do decide to use a drug like this, please consult a doctor first. And if you want to avoid the risk altogether, try a strict appetite suppressant and avoid stimulants.

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