Top 5 Diet Supplements #4: Stacker 3

Before people started falling over and dying about a decade or so ago from a substance called ephedra, almost every weight-loss supplement on the market was pushing this substance in some form or another. It boosted energy levels, but also raised blood pressure, raised heart rate, and caused some people to panic, some to experience physical side effects, and even caused some to die as a result of taking it.

Athletes dying while training and showing ephedra in their autopsy reports sent up all the red flags necessary to have to FDA ban the substance altogether in the USA. So products like Stacker 2—which was a widely popular energy and weight-loss supplement—became a black-market favorite.

As to its effectiveness as a weight-loss supplement, Stacker 2 was always a hoax. It was an energy shot – artificially produced at that. But even with all the bad publicity the Stacker brand has received, their new product, Stacker 3, is one of the best-selling supplements on the market today.

How Stacker 3 Works

Stacker 3 is an ephedra-free product, so that instantly leads some people to believe that NVE Pharmaceuticals have gotten their act together. And because the product is so widely popular, the thrice-tried Stacker brand has caught on as a trend.

Basically, Stacker 3 is comprised mostly of caffeine and chitosan. Chitosan is a supplement that supposedly aids in the absorption of body fat; i.e. it doesn’t allow the body to absorb it at all; while caffeine, as we all know, is an energy-providing stimulant. Combine the two together and you have a weight-loss supplement.

Stacker 3’s other ingredients include white willow barks, cactus extracts, grapefruit extracts, and other ingredients, said to enhance the effectiveness of the caffeine.

Pros and Cons of Stacker 3


  • Stacker 3 doesn’t contain any ephedra, so it is safer than the previous Stacker brands
  • In terms of affordability, Stacker 3 is cheap in comparison to other weight-loss supplements on the store shelves


  • Stacker 3 contains very high levels of caffeine, which can cause side effects such as: anxiety attacks, jitters, elevated heart rate and palpitations, insomnia, irritability, and more
  • The jury is still out on chitosan’s effectiveness as a weight-loss supplement. It may aid in the absorption of body fat, but there is certainly no evidence of it melding well with a large punch of caffeine
  • The entire Stacker brand just has a black cloud looming over it, no matter how many commercials they get the Pawn Stars to do for them

Editor’s Verdict

Caffeine by itself isn’t dangerous. Chitosan by itself isn’t dangerous. But when the Stacker brand gets a hold of something, they really concentrate it down into one pill. One dose of Stacker 3 gives you more than two-times the amount of caffeine you’ll receive from a large coffee. Basically it is much safer and even cheaper if you wanted to take chitosan by itself and drink a normal-sized cup of coffee. You’d get the same “benefits” as what Stacker 3 provides without the side effects.

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