Top 7 Most Popular Weight-Loss Programs: The 3-Hour Diet

If you were told to eat every three hours in order to lose weight, you’d probably laugh and assume that eating that frequently is why you need to lose weight in the first place. However, Jorge Cruise, creator of the world famous 3-Hour Diet, has found that frequent eating can actually be a recipe for weight-loss success, and his diet has transformed into a legitimate sensation and is sweeping the span of the globe as we speak.

Jorge Cruise is not just some Johnny-come-lately wave rider with one successful diet book to his credit. This longtime writing success has penned five New York Times best-selling novels, including The Belly Fat Cure, Body at Home, The 12-Second Sequence, 8 Minutes in the Morning, and the 2006 mega-hit, The 3-Hour Diet.

The book, The 3-Hour Diet: How Low-Carb Diets Make You Fat and Timing Makes You Thin, really explains exactly why other “fad” diets are not sustainable and explains the mystery behind why eating can actually keep your metabolism running high and working to burn off body fat.

From start to finish, dieters not only receive a working diet plan and some helpful advice, but they actually learn how the human body works and the process of losing weight by simply eating the right foods and eating them frequently is explained in a way that’s very easy to understand. The end result is one of Jorge’s best-selling books ever and a diet that has become one of the top plans in the world today.

How the 3-Hour Diet Works

The principle to the 3-Hour Diet is similar to some of the principles you will find with programs like the 5-Factor Diet, but not as much emphasis is placed on the “3” in Cruise’s plan. The diet, on its face, is much more flexible than other diet programs, allowing dieters to enjoy sweets in moderation and not excluding any one type of food completely from a lifestyle.

For this reason, and the fact that you can actually eat while on the plan, the 3-Hour Diet has really taken off as a popular, easy-to-follow plan that has shown great results. Some of Jorge’s loyal followers include supermodels like Heidi Klum and famous actresses like Jessica Biel.

The true keys to Jorge’s 3-Hour Diet are all about portion control and timing – i.e. keeping your metabolism running high and resetting itself in order to burn off the food. On the plan, dieters receive some instructions that are fairly simple to follow. You are to eat a moderate, nutritious breakfast within one hour of waking up, then you eat every single three hours after that, and make sure you stop eating entirely three hours before you sleep.

Jorge’s goal is to increase your body’s BMR (Baseline Metabolic Rate), the result of which will turn your body in a fat-burning furnace of sorts, continuously burning off calories and no longer storing what you consume as fat in the body.

In a normal day, the goal should be to eat three smaller meals and two healthy snacks. Of course, you do not want to gorge on junk food or fast food. While there aren’t any “bad” or forbidden foods in the 3-Hour Diet, there is still a great emphasis on eating right and balanced and avoiding a lot of sugars and fats. For example: Jorge suggests eating a tiny snack-sized candy bar instead of a whole bar. You’re still satisfying your sweet tooth but you’re not bogging your system down.

There are many guidelines put in place in this book, and Jorge explains why the body stores fat and how you can prevent it from doing so.

Pros and Cons of the 3-Hour Diet


  • Affordable, one-time purchase of the weight-loss book
  • A really inclusive diet program, not prohibiting different types of foods
  • The plan is really easy to follow and dieters are never hungry on the plan
  • Some recipes are available and further information about dieting via the 3-Hour Diet website


  • A really busy lifestyle can cause some people to skip meals and basically thwart their 3-hour efforts
  • There is not much guidance beyond what’s in the book to help you out
  • Joining the website for the plan instead of simply going by the book is costly for the slim amount of info provided. You are turned on to a community, but not many “experts” are lined up to help

Taken as what it is the 3-Hour Diet definitely lays out everything a dieter needs to know in order to effectively lose weight and keep it off. The biggest selling point of Jorge’s book is that it doesn’t breach banning any types of foods from your diet. It leaves the power in your hands to pick and choose what you want to eat in moderation.

Overall, it can be one of the most affordable and easy-to-follow diet plans on the market today.


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