Four Ways To Reduce Calories

Many diets you find out there will require that you limit your calorie intake in order to lose weight. The idea being, of course, to burn off substantially more calories than you take in so that the end result is a thinner, healthier you – but it’s not that easy always.

It’s a little harder to keep constant count of calories than some may think. And not that it’s hard to check and to find out how many calories are in this food as opposed to that food; just that it’s sometimes tedious and easy to let lapse.

Calorie-counting methods to help you

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Whether you’re at the grocery store, the restaurant, etc, always pay attention to food labels and the nutritional information on any product you’re about to put into your body. Be on the lookout for sneaky calories, too.

What we mean by “sneaky” here: a pack of supposedly healthy snack mix might say 110 calories, so there you go thinking that you’re only getting 110 calories. Makes sense, right? Perfect! Well, wait a minute – look again more carefully and you’ll realize that that’s 110 calories per serving, and that there are 4 servings in that bag! It’s not 110; it’s 440. So pay attention.

Try the Low-Fat, No-Fat

Nothing brings in calories like grams of fat. Fat is totally energy dense, packing a huge calorie wallop. No matter what you’re purchasing, but especially for dairy products, be sure that you’re always purchasing the no-fat or low-fat variety. Even after that, though, be sure to pay attention to the calorie count.

Shrink Your Meal Size

A great way to always stay ahead of the game in the calorie department is to do some much-needed downsizing in your meals. Believe it or not, if you’re eating healthy meals and taking your time to enjoy them, you’ll be completely satisfied with a few smaller meals per day. It’s a working method.

Say No to the Booze

A glass of red wine every now and again isn’t going to hurt you, and in fact it is good for your heart health. But playing chug-a-lug with the beer, dipping into the liquor cabinet, etc, is going to pack on the pounds by well exceeding your calorie limit. Worst of all, alcohol carries those dreaded “dead” calories, which means they’re not going to be used for energy; they’re going straight to fat storage.

Become a well-planned home cook

The best possible way you can work to stay out in front of your dieting is to prepare your own meals. And by preparing we’re not only speaking about cooking at home for your meals; we’re also speaking about working to plan your meals out in advance.

Make sure you’re hitting on the essential food groups every day. Be sure that you’re getting enough fiber, enough protein, enough fat, etc, within the framework of your caloric allotment.

This is going to take a little forethought on your part, but remember that a diet is about changing your life and switching habits more so than it’s about shedding a few pounds.

You have now and will always have complete and total control over everything that’s put into your body. There is really no excuse for exceeding your calorie limit, but also remember not to be very worried or to give up if you do.

This isn’t a Russian prison camp or anything. Try your best, give it all you’ve got and remember to count those calories.

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