Try These Seven Tricks to Clean Up Your Eating Habits

Clean eating doesn’t have to suck! A lot of us struggle with the simple idea of improving our eating habits because we’re so stuck in our current ways, it may seem impossible to change. But it’s not about overhauling your life or making yourself miserable with your diet. Clean eating is about making the healthiest possible choices and loving your food more. Here are a few tricks to help you clean up your eating habits today:

Clean Your Fridge

To clean up your eating habits, first clean out anything that’s not healthy. Anything that’s high in sugar, contains unnecessary fats, or is loaded with chemicals, throw it in the trash! Get rid of anything unnatural, processed, or artificial, and keep only the natural, raw, and healthy foods. After that, go through your pantry and cupboards and repeat the same process. With no junk food in the house, it’ll be impossible to feel tempted by treats—there simply won’t be any! You’ll find it’s so much easier to eat clean when you’ve only good “clean” foods to eat.

Enjoy Fruit Desserts

Clean eating doesn’t have to equal misery. In fact, you can enjoy your meals, complete with a dessert—just one made of fruit rather than high-sugar cookies, cakes, chocolates, candies, or ice cream. Make your own desserts using fresh, raw ingredients, and keep sugar out of the recipe as much as possible. Let the natural fruit sugars sweeten your desserts—everything from fruit cobblers to compotes to stewed and baked fruits. Just as delicious, but far cleaner!

Add More Color

The secret to enjoying clean eating more is to make sure you’re getting all the colors of the rainbow! Brightly colored foods contain a broader variety of flavors, and you’ll find that mixing and matching those flavors is what makes your food more enjoyable. Make sure that you’re getting all the colorful fruits and veggies you can find to liven up the blander dark and leafy greens.

Mix Up Proteins

Don’t stick with just the “same old” proteins, the ones you’re used to cooking. Instead, get creative and have fun trying new things. Proteins are the real heroes of the meal, as they are what lend the flavor and body to your plate. Experiment with unfamiliar proteins—meats, poultry, fish, even shellfish—and try healthy new recipes that add variety and spice to your meals. You’ll find it makes clean eating a whole lot more fun!

Have a Vegetarian or Vegan Day

One day a week, make it a point to eat vegetarian or vegan. You’ll find it can go a long way towards cleansing your palate, as eating all natural, plant-based foods for a day each week will help you to enjoy veggies, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds more. Plus, you’ll steer away from saturated animal proteins, helping to improve your digestion and increase the amount of fiber you consume at least one day each week.

Try New Herbs and Spices

Don’t just clean up your diet; add some variety to it! One of the best tricks for cleaning up your eating habits is to try new herbs and spices that will add new and unique flavors to your vegetable, whole grain, and legume dishes. You may just find that these spicy, flavorful dishes become your new favorites!

Eat Raw

Try eating all raw foods for a day, and see how you feel at the end! You may just find a day of eating raw will help you appreciate all of the subtle flavors in fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

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