Vitamin E Benefits

There are a lot of vitamins and minerals your body needs in order to stay healthy and strong, but few of them are as important for your health as Vitamin E!

Vitamin E–found in foods with high natural fat content, such as olives, coconuts, nuts, and avocadoes–is a protective vitamin. It offers a lot of benefits to your body, including:

  • Protecting your skin — Vitamin E serves as barrier to trap moisture inside your skin, keeping it hydrated and healthy. It also stops the environmental pollutants and toxins from being absorbed deep into the layers of skin. It will be one of the most effective protectors for your skin.
  • Reduces cholesterol damage –– While Vitamin E does NOT reduce the amount of cholesterol floating around in your body, it does stop it from doing damage. In essence, Vitamin E coats the inside of your blood vessels with a protective layer, stopping the cholesterol from clinging to the walls of your arteries and veins. If the cholesterol cannot accumulate on the arterial walls, it cannot harden into the plaque that causes heart damage. It continues floating around your bloodstream, causing very little damage. By consuming more Vitamin E, you are protecting your cardiovascular system.
  • Treat skin marks — If you have acne, Vitamin E can help to speed up healing once the infection is eliminated. If you have scars, Vitamin E will speed up the rate of cellular regeneration, reducing the visibility of the scar tissue. It can also smooth out wrinkles and deal with age spots.
  • Thin blood –– When you suffer damage in your cardiovascular system, your body responds by forming a clot over the damaged area. The clot stops the flow of blood, leading to heart attacks and strokes. But with Vitamin E, your body is less likely to form cloths. By thinning out your blood, you prevent cardiovascular damage from becoming more serious.
  • Improve hair health –– Vitamin E is one of those vitamins that is added to just about every hair care product, as it offers a lot of health benefits. It contains powerful antioxidants to get rid of the toxins accumulated in your scalp, and it boosts circulation to your hair follicles. It can also strengthen the walls of the capillaries in the scalp, preventing fatigue from reducing your circulation.
  • Prevent Vitamin E deficiency –– It may not be the most common disorder, but there are many people who suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is one of those vitamins you need to consume, or else your body won’t have enough. If you’re not eating Vitamin E foods, it’s definitely time to start!
  • Reduce inflammation –– One of the best things about Vitamin E is the fact that it can reduce inflammation in the body. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it effective as a remedy to help deal with the pain of arthritis.

There are believed to be many more benefits of Vitamin E, though science has yet to prove that it is effective against cancer, cataracts, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and heart disease. However, you can be certain that it will offer the benefits listed above, so it’s in your best interest to get more Vitamin E in your diet!

According to WebMD, here’s how much Vitamin E you should take per day:


1-3 years — 6 mg/day (9 IU)

4-8 years — 7 mg/day (10.4 IU)

9-13 years — 11 mg/day (16.4 IU)


14 years and up — 15 mg/day (22.4 IU)

Pregnant — 15 mg/day (22.4 IU)

Breastfeeding —  19 mg/day (28.5 IU)


14 years and up — 15 mg/day (22.4 IU)


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