3 Best Practices for Effective Weight Loss

What if you could narrow down all of the struggle to reach your ideal body weight into three simple practices to focus on? The complicated weight loss game would start to seem pretty easy, right?

Amid what can seem like endless chatter in the world and in our own minds about what we need to do to lose weight it becomes easy to lose sight of the fact that weight loss is really easy. Weight loss does not need to be stressful, complicated, or difficult. In fact, the simpler the better.

Here are the three best practices for weight loss. If you do nothing more than follow these three daily practices and tune out the rest of the noise in your life achieving your weight loss goal is only a matter of patience. Success will be inevitable.

Drink a Lot of Water

The benefits of drinking water cannot be understated. While it may seem to some as routine as breathing air, you can’t fail to appreciate the importance of drinking a sufficient amount of water on a daily basis in order to lose weight.

Drinking enough water every day is a foundation for a healthy life. When you are hydrated, your metabolism is higher and your muscles and organs work more effectively. Additionally, toxins and other impurities are washed through your body with more regularity through healthy bowel movements.

It is routinely suggested that you drink eight glasses of water per day which amounts to 64 ounces. But we say double that. Go for a gallon, 128 ounces, as your daily water intake objective. You may not always be able to drink that much water but striving to come close puts you way ahead of the game. Setting a goal of drinking one gallon of water every day is easy to keep track of. Fill up a one gallon jug each morning and use this as your go-to source for water. Try to keep water available at all times by keeping a large plastic water bottle (you can even drink directly from your gallon jug) at your work station, during your commute, when exercising, and while relaxing at home. The objective is to have water readily available at all points in the day.

One very helpful indirect benefit of drinking a lot of water every day is that it helps you feel full. Drinking water before meals can curb feelings of physical hunger and help to prevent overeating.

Count Calories

The simply daily practice of counting calories is perhaps your most important tool in an effort to lose weight. At its core, weight loss boils down to nothing more than this: burn more calories that you consume. Tracking the measurement of how many calories you consume is a key piece of data for your weight loss efforts.

Thanks to modern technology, keeping track of calories has never been easier. There are several free weight loss apps that help you keep track of your daily calorie intake. Spend the extra couple of minutes it takes each day to track your calorie intake and arm yourself with crucial information to help you stay aware of your eating habits.


The dreaded “E-word” does not have to be so dreaded. Exercise is meant to be fun. It’s about using your body and stretching its capabilities towards better overall health.

Exercising for weight loss is a tremendously powerful tool. If your eating habits remain unchanged and you burn an extra 500 calories per day through exercise, you will shift one pound of body weight per week in your favor simply from moving your body more.

We recommend the four best weight training exercises for weight loss, but do what you need to in order to keep exercise interesting and enjoyable. Go for a brisk daily walk. Play tennis with a friend. Ride a stationary bike while watching your favorite TV show. Swim leisurely laps at the community pool.

As a general rule, exercise does not need to be excruciating but the less intense your activity is the longer you should maintain it. For example, 20 minutes of jogging is roughly equivalent to 60 minutes of walking. Doing whatever exercise works for you is always better than doing nothing so don’t stress out about exercise. Find something you can enjoy and get your heart rate up by moving your body every day.

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