Weight Loss in 30 Seconds

You may think that weight loss in 30 seconds is all but impossible, and you’d be absolutely right. Weight loss takes a lot of work, and the truth is that you have to put in hours of hard work every day if you want to see results. But the simple 30-second actions below will help to increase your chances of losing weight, ensuring that you have a better chance of dropping those last few pounds effectively.

Drink Water

You don’t have to drink gallons of water every day, but increasing your water consumption is a good way to boost weight loss. Spend 30 seconds at your water cooler just drinking water, pounding as much “sky juice” as you can down in that half-minute. Do this a few times every day, and you’ll start to feel much better and kick that weight loss into high gear!

Grab a Snack of Nuts

When you feel those hunger pangs kicking in, it’s tempting to grab something quick and easy to stop your stomach from growling. But unless you haven’t eaten in a few hours, it’s just your mouth wanting something tasty. To deal with both your food cravings and your hunger, grab a handful of pistachios or almonds.  In-shell pistachios require effort to eat, occupying your mind and body. Almonds are the healthiest of the nuts, making a GREAT, filling snack.

Distract Yourself

If you find yourself craving something, take 30 seconds out of your time to run around the house, flick through TV channels, or play a game on your phone. You’ll find that even a slight distraction can help to take your mind off your hunger, and will keep you from snacking on the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Chop Your Food

Did you know that cutting your food into smaller pieces actually helps you to eat less? A study in Japan discovered that people THINK they are eating more food when it is cut into smaller pieces and piled high, rather than just carving away at a chicken breast or steak. It takes just a few seconds to cut your meal into smaller pieces, but it will help you fool your mind into eating less.

Add Seeds

When serving yourself a bowl of oats, yoghurt, salad, or pretty much anything else, why not sprinkle a few flax, sesame, or chia seeds over the top? Not only will it help you to fill up, but you’ll add A LOT of fiber and protein to your meals.

Step on that Scale

Weighing yourself every day isn’t going to give you an accurate measure of your progress, but it will remind you that you are trying to lose weight. It’s a sort of gentle reminder that you need to stay faithful with your efforts, making your more mindful of your diet.

Be Comfortable

If you are comfortable in your clothing, you’re more likely to move around. A study discovered that people who wear comfy clothing to work tend to walk nearly 500 steps more than those who wear business attire. If you can get away with it, always dress comfortably to encourage yourself to walk more.

Go for Whipped

We’re not talking whipped cream here, but whipped butter and yoghurt. Both of these foods have a good deal less calories per serving, meaning you can slash your calorie intake drastically.

Brush Your Teeth

Feeling a bit hungry after dinner? Go upstairs and brush your teeth. The peppermint will help to shut down your appetite, stopping those hunger pangs in their tracks. Plus, you’ll have gotten that chore out of the way!

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