Support groups when losing weight

The following are just a few examples of weight loss support groups. Many university medical centers and hospitals offer classes on diet, nutrition and weight loss for the general public. Churches and schools may offer similar groups. is a support site developed by Glaxo SmithKline, the manufacturer of Alli.

It features:

  • a message board, which allows dieters to post comments and questions about Alli to other dieters and receive feedback from a panel of medical professionals
  • a FAQ section
  • product information
  • articles on weight loss is an independent weight loss support system. It is provided free of charge and offers both online and face to face meetings in selected American cities.

With its various groups and teams, dieters can communicate with people on all these plans:

  • Weight Watchers
  • Jenny Craig
  • South Beach
  • Fat Smash
  • and other diet plans

There is the option to start your own group, and there are also motivational articles on weight loss. is a similar site.

Slim• provides its members with phone numbers, giving them access to customer support and technical advice. is a support group paired with the Nutrisystems weight loss system. It is aimed primarily at mothers who want to lose the weight they gained while they were pregnant and regain the slim figure they had in high school and college.

The support program offers:

  • weekly personal counselling
  • online classes
  • monthly newsletters
  • bulletin boards
  • chat rooms

In addition, members can enrol on seminars and have access to health, exercise and dieting information.

There are also support groups for individuals who are planning to have, or have had, surgery to lose weight. can connect you to a university medical center or a hospital for surgical support groups in your area.

They also offer:

  • chat rooms
  • forums
  • a message board, allowing people to gather information about surgical procedures, share experiences and give and receive advice.

The Center also offers seminars and face to face support groups.


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