Weight Loss Surgery Pros and Cons

While weight loss surgery isn’t right for everyone, it can offer a new lease on life for some individuals. Understanding the pros and cons can help you to make up your mind about pursuing it. Of course you will need to consult with a doctor to determine if you are a good candidate. If you decide this isn’t for you, the doctor can still help you find some weight loss options to consider.

Weight Loss Surgery – Pros

Fast Weight Loss. Many patients find that after weight loss surgery, they lose weight rather quickly. This can be very exciting due to the numbers on the scale. One of the biggest frustrations for people trying to lose weight is that it can be a slow process. Such a surgery can jump start the process for them.

Reduced Hunger. No one wants to feel hungry all the time, and that can be a reason why some people can’t seem lose weight. With weight loss surgery, the stomach is smaller and it fills up on less food. A person may need to eat more often, but they will eat less. Even if a person would like to eat more, they simply can’t.

Self Esteem. Many people feel helpless when it comes to losing weight. If they are more than 100 pounds overweight, they may have given up all hope of ever losing it. However, weight loss surgery can make it possible to get results when everything else has failed. As a result, self-esteem and self-confidence can increase. Many people gain the confidence to become socially active improving both their friendships and dating relationships that may have been lacking before.

Increased Mobility. Carrying around excess weight is hard on the body. It reduces energy, makes it more difficult to get into and out of a car. It can make traveling by plane or sitting in a movie theatre uncomfortable or even embarrassing if the seats are not wide enough to accommodate overweight people. Weight loss surgery can help a person to get around easier. Without surgery, many obese people find it difficult to walk and to use stairs. Weigh loss surgery helps to increase mobility. As they experience more mobility, overweight people usually feel more motivation to exercise and to continue losing more weight.

Improved Well Being. Studies show that carrying around extra weight is difficult for the body. It can result in serious health problems including diabetes, circulation problems, and put strain on the heart. Extra weight can also affect a person mentally, so weight loss surgery can help someone to feel better both physically and mentally.

Weight Loss Surgery – Cons

Risk. It is very important to understand the health risks involved with weight loss surgery. Due to the use of anesthesia, a person could have an adverse reaction during the procedure. This can result in cardiac arrest or even death. There is also the risk that mistakes can be made during the procedure. Every type of surgery comes with risks.

Recovery. It can take time for the body to fully recover from weight loss surgery. The patient may experience pain and discomfort for several weeks after the procedure has taken place. There is the risk of an infection too, but often depends on the type of weight loss surgical procedure that has been done.

Excess Skin. Many people that lose lots of weight quickly find that they are left with excess skin. It can be very difficult for exercise and diet alone to be enough to take care of eliminating it. As a result, additional surgery may be necessary. This type of surgery is cosmetic and it can be very expensive. There are also risks to surgery that is designed to help remove fat and to tighten skin.

Cost. There are some health insurance programs that do cover the cost of weight loss surgery. However, many of them don’t as they believe it is an optional procedure. You will have to check with your insurance company to find out. Even if there is insurance coverage, there can still be co-pays and deductibles that the patient is responsible for.

This type of surgery can be very expensive. The cost depends on where it will take place, the doctor performing it, and the type of procedure that will be conducted. Many of the professionals offer in house financing to help those that will be paying for the weight loss surgery out of pocket. Talk to them to see what options they have for your particular situation. Make sure you don’t take on a debt you can’t pay.

Other Issues. There can be other issues besides the volume of food that someone consumes. If other issues aren’t dealt with such as emotional eating, it can still result in a problem. A person can gain weight back if they aren’t eating foods that are good for them. Learning about proper nutrition, portion control, and getting daily exercise all have to be part of the equation. Those that feel surgery for weight loss is a magical solution may be disappointed in the long run.

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