Trouble Losing Weight – Weightloss Problem



Having a weightloss problem?

After a few weeks of dieting many people start to experience trouble losing further weight. Most problems start to occur when the body has had time to adapt to a new diet, exercise or a change in lifestyle. Its important to understand possible reasons why these problems occur, because having trouble losing weight often leads to a lowered motivation to exercise and a lost interest in becoming healthier.

Human body adaptations which contribute to slow weight loss Physiological effects…


· energy balance regulation causes the body to adapt to the amount of calories you decide to consume

· decrease in metabolic rate after calorie reduction, caused from the net loss of protein & hormonal changes

· decrease in total energy expenditure due to a lighter body after losing weight

· less energy expended from Thermic Effect of Food (energy cost to digest & assimilate food) – less food eaten equals less TEF


Exercise effects…


· Efficient energy system (fitness) develops when constantly repeating same exercise – lowers calories burned

· Better coordination developed from repeating same exercise – lowers energy expenditure

· Exercising too hard too soon forces cells to burn more carbohydrates and less fat


Diet effects….


· Reduction in food often reduces sodium intake causing net loss of water – water loss slows as sodium loss slows

· Rapid reduction of food intake triggers starvation mode & lowers metabolism quickly

· Skipping meals too often may produce intense food cravings caused by lower blood sugar levels


Possible mental effects….


· Lack of motivation – from lack of results

· Low self esteem – negative thought patterns


Everyone will experience the physiological and exercise effects when losing weight however, not everyone will experience all other problems when losing weight. It depends on a few personal factors as to which effects are experienced. For example, some people may not consume a diet made up of high-salt foods, in this case water loss may not account for much of the weight loss.



* Always seek approval from a qualified dietician before introducing new foods or starting any new diet. Please read our terms Terms of use

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