What is Bulletproof Coffee and Will it Work for Me?

Bulletproof Coffee is both a brand of coffee and a unique coffee drink that you can make if you’re interested in weight loss. You’ll find that it can be just the thing that you need to help you take your fat burning up a notch in the morning.

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

“Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee” is the name of a brand of coffee made popular by Dave Asprey, a tech entrepreneur and the creator of this type of coffee. It has become known commonly as bulletproof coffee, and it was inspired by a special type of tea Mr. Asprey drank while traveling through the Tibetan mountains.

The drink that the entrepreneur was given by Tibetan monks was called “yak butter tea”, a creamy tea made from tea leaves, yak cream, and butter. It’s a simple tea that is consumed by many Tibetans, but the fact that it contains butter and cream is what makes it so effective for weight loss. How is this possible?

Why Butter Tea and Bulletproof Coffee Work for Weight Loss

Butter is an ingredient that has been added to hot beverages for centuries – for as long as butter and hot drinks have been around. You can find butter mixed into Ethiopian coffees, and the yak butter tea has been around for centuries as well.

The reason that butter is added into these drinks is because the people drinking them need high doses of energy. Fat contains more than twice the number of calories that protein and carbs do, so adding a bit of fat to your diet can provide you with readily available calories to burn when doing exercise. It is for this reason that Bulletproof Coffee has become so popular.

While the Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee brand is costly, the bulletproof coffee drink can be made simply. All you need to do is add a bit of butter and/or coconut oil to your coffee, and it’s ready to drink. The high fat content of the drink will give you a lot more energy, energy that you can use for your workouts.

The beauty of the drinks is that the high fat content will also help to suppress your appetite, as your body detects the presence of fat and determines that it needs to get rid of the fat before it consumes more calories. By drinking the fat, you’ll stop yourself from being hungry for quite a while.

Isn’t Fat Bad?

This is a good question, and the truth is that too much of anything – particularly fat – is going to be bad for your health.

Butter is loaded with saturated fat, a form of fat that has been demonized in recent years. Saturated fat is good for your body in small quantities, and it can do wonderful things for your health – such as reducing your hunger, boosting your brain power, etc. The fact that you are eating pure fat in the coffee could actually be a good thing, as it can kickstart your body’s fat burning processes into high gear.

Of course, just eating butter by the spoonful certainly isn’t going to be the healthy choice. The purpose of this Bulletproof Coffee is to be a weight loss/fat burning drink, but it’s a fairly high calorie drink. If you drink too much, it will have the opposite of the desired effect. Your goal should be to keep your consumption of butter and fats in most forms limited, using things like the Bulletproof Coffee drink to help you kick your fat burning into high gear every now and again. Plus, it’s great for a shot of energy when preparing to hit the gym.

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