What You Need to Know About the 80 Day Obsession Diet

The 80 Day Obsession Diet is one eating plan that has taken the fitness world by storm. The brainchild of a former Beachbody coach, Autumn Calabrese, it was first popularized in 2018 and has swept the country, quickly becoming a popular new “obsession” for dieters looking to lose weight. The question here is: is it a diet worth trying? Below, we’ll get into the details of the 80 Day Obsession Diet so you know exactly what to expect and how good it is for your health.

80 Day Obsession Diet Guidelines

This diet is built around two components: a daily workout, and a healthier diet. We’ll look at the diet first, as that’s the most important aspect. Simply put, the diet calls for timed nutrition, eating certain foods at certain times of the day. There’s no calorie counting, but you simply eat small, balanced meals on a regular basis throughout your day. With enough carbs, fats, and proteins in your diet, you SHOULD lose weight, especially if you follow the 80 Day Obsession diet’s control containers.

The 80 Day Obsession Workouts

The diet is called the 80 Day Obsession because it’s believed that 80 days is the time required to build a healthy foundation for your diet and workout program. For every one of the 80 days, there is a 30 to 60-minute workout included. These workouts offer variety and challenge for your muscles, cardiovascular system, and skeletal system. They’ll help to target endurance, fitness, and mobility, leading you to be healthier overall. The fact that each workout is different every day means you get to mix things up and keep challenging yourself in new ways every day.

The Diet Replacement Shakes

One of the hallmarks of the 80 Day Obsession Diet is the use of meal replacement shakes. These, like those used by so many other diets, are intended to replace your meals. They provide a hefty dose of some nutrients, but they may not give you all the nutrients required for a healthy body. This means that it’s crucial for you to get more nutrients in your daily diet outside of your supplementation of the Shakeology drinks.

The Benefits of the 80 Day Obsession Diet

The fact that it’s an 80-day plan means that it’s easy to stick with it for the short-term. The diet comes with a complete plan of everything you need to stay focused on your eating habits and your daily workouts. The emphasis on proper nutrition, balancing nutrients, and getting more daily activity is a good one. For those who have struggled with weight loss and fitness, it may be a good option to try.

The Drawbacks of the 80 Day Obsession Diet

For some people, paying $99 per year for membership to the diet plan is a “hard pass”. The fact that you have to pay more for the Shakeology meal replacement shakes, the recommended supplements, portion control containers, and other equipment is something that many dieters would rather steer clear of. Also, using meal replacement shakes may increase the risk of malnutrition. After all, if you’re replacing healthy veggies, fruits, proteins, carbs, and fats with a shake that may only contain a fraction of the nutrients required, there’s a real chance your body will suffer from an imbalance. And, when using the portion control containers, the portion sizes may not be large enough for more active individuals. Finally, the diet may be too focused on the physical transformation (losing weight, sculpting muscle) that it may fail to take into account all the health ramifications of an imbalanced diet.

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