Gobbling Your Food Down Lead to Problems

We’ve all been told or have at least heard that during meals we’re supposed “savor the flavor,” as it were. But many of us ignore that nice little jewel of life advice and shove our faces like we’re in prison protecting our cornbread from Bubba’s big behind.

Whether you’re eating on the go and in a hurry, or simply find that you have a bad habit of eating too quickly at meals, even when you have ample time, it’s important to understand that gobbling that food down can lead to some problems.

There is a litany of problems out there, and understanding what you may be in store for should help you to slow down and stop shoveling the food into your mouth.

Problems Associated with Eating Too Quickly


Acid reflux and indigestion might not seem like a major problem, but many of us find these ailments to be rather painful. Some indigestion can be so painful and uncomfortable that it mimics the symptoms of a heart attack (at least per your mind). Not to even mention that heartburn can eat away at the esophagus over time, causing painful and irreparable damage.

Meals should be eaten slowly to avoid further risk of acid reflux and/or indigestion. Properly chewed small bites, taking your time with the meal, and resting afterward to let the meal digest are all great ways to help stave off heartburn.


The danger here, while not necessarily immediate, can be great over time. When you eat too quickly, you will probably eat too much. The hormones in your body that literally tell you you’re full will not have time to properly signal.

You can be eating too many calories to feel full. And while a minor slip-up in that department every now and then isn’t the end of the world, just imagine the effects of doing that at every single meal. Your weight could balloon and, depending on what you’re eating, you could increase blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, etc, all because you’re eating too much too quickly.

No Enjoyment

Back when we all lived in caves and had to woof down that mammoth leg in order to survive, relaxation at meals probably wasn’t that important. With the lives we lead today, however, simply enjoying your meal, taking time to relax and socialize, and foregoing physical activity (like on-the-go living) will work wonders on you from a psychological standpoint.

There’s far too much stress and anxiety in the modern person’s life these days. Taking time to enjoy one’s meal instead of gobbling the food down can help put your mind and body at ease.

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