Why is Fiber so Essential in Your Diet?

There are certain things which you must eat in some form or another in order to stay in optimum health. For instance, vitamins and minerals are of great importance to your health, and your body needs glucose in order to provide energy. Another important substance that you should ingest is called fiber.

Sometimes referred to as “roughage,” fiber is the indigestible portion of plants you eat – found in fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds.

But if it’s indigestible, then why is fiber so good for you?

We’ll go over a few reasons in this article that will open your eyes to the wide world of fiber.

Why Fiber is Essential


Insoluble fiber will make its way through your digestive tract without breaking down and pass out of your bowels relatively the same way it went into your stomach.

Apart from being absolutely gross when put like that, what importance is the fiber and of what importance is regularity?

For starters, the fiber will absorb water in your system and soften your stools, aid in your bowel function, and make your life a whole heck of a lot easier. If you don’t believe that regularity is easier and more comfortable than irregularity, then you’ve never been plagued by hard stools and constipation!

Fiber is also able to provide relief from hemorrhoids. And if you’re lucky enough not to suffer from a hemorrhoid yet, then know that fiber is essential in preventing them. All it takes is one strain and one busted vain, and you’re in a state of uncomfortable pain for life with a hemorrhoid.

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Ingesting fiber can also help guard you against a wide list of ailments, such as mouth, rectal and stomach cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and it’s even been known to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes and also to help prevent diabetes.

The consumption of fiber found within oats has also been linked with lowered cholesterol in individuals eating enough fiber.

Weight Loss

If you’re looking to lose weight, then fiber is definitely the substance for you. It’s going to be one of the most important things you can eat.

Fiber has been said to help one shed water weight. It soaks up water and passes through your system. This won’t leave you dehydrated if you’re staying properly hydrated, but it will help to ditch access water in your system. (And like with the first benefit we discussed, being regular just rocks!)

One of the biggest problems people suffer with on diets is hunger. Sure, you can fast for a week until your stomach shrinks up the size of the walnut, but this is a plan begging to backfire on you.

By eating sufficient amounts of fiber, however, you will actually feel full. And since the plants (fruits, veggies, etc) which contain fiber are also packed with tons of vitamins and minerals, eating foods high in fiber is an all-around great way to stay on a healthy diet and to start shedding those stubborn pounds!

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