Why You Need to Cut Out Soda Today!

Soda isn’t just a highly sugary drink—it’s also loaded with all kinds of nasty chemicals that are pretty awful for your health! Hundreds of studies have proven that it’s definitely not good for you, contributing to all kinds of disorders and health problems. Below, you’ll find out everything you need to know about why and how to cut out soda starting today!

Dangers of Soda

The most common problem that occurs when you drink soda is that you gain weight. Thanks to the high sugar content, soda causes you to gain weight and packs the pounds of fat right onto your waistline. Not only that, but it can contribute to diabetes by keeping your blood sugar levels elevated. It can cause you to feel bloated, sluggish, depressed, and mentally “foggy”, all thanks to the high sugar levels. Worse, just drinking two sodas a day can double your risk of heart problems. And, once you start looking into some of the studies conducted on your soda—especially the “diet” stuff—you’ll realize that it has the potential to cause a lot more health problems than you’d realize.

The Difficulty of Cutting Soda

The reason that most people struggle to cut out soda from their diets is due to the fact that sugar is VERY addicting. Sugar stimulates the pleasure and reward centers of your brain, so it basically teaches your brain that you feel “happier” or “more rewarded” when you’re drinking that much sugar. When you try to quit, you start feeling like you’re missing out on something important—something that made you happy. High sugar consumption can lead to depression, but cutting sugar from your diet can also lead to mood swings and low mood, at least until your body returns to “normal”. Your body kind of develops an addiction to sugar, which is why it’s so damn hard to stop craving it.

How to Start Cutting Out Soda

The first thing to do to cut out soda is to cut back. If you’re hooked on sugary drinks, it’s going to be very difficult for your body to go cold turkey. You’ll end up with stronger sugar cravings than ever and you’ll slip right back into old habits. So the key is to slowly wean yourself off of it by reducing your soda intake. If you drink more than two or three sodas a day, cut your soda intake by up to 50%. Once you give your body a week or two adapt to this reduced intake, cut back another 50%, and so on, until you’re drinking just one soda a day. From there, it’s a much simpler matter to cut it out completely.

Find Tasty Replacements

There are always delicious beverages you can enjoy instead of soda. Coffee, tea, and Yerba mate can give you the caffeine you need without all the sugar. Fruit juice can be a healthy alternative to help you start scaling back your soda intake, though you’ll want to cut it out completely as well. There are sparkling teas, sugar-free sweet teas, and fruit-flavored waters that will give your taste buds the flavor they crave without loading up on sugar.

Drink More Water

Ultimately, this is the best way you can cut sugary soda from your diet! You often drink soda because your body tells you it’s thirsty, but that high sugar content can actually dehydrate you even more. Water may not have the sweetness you crave, but it will give your body the fluids it needs to stay hydrated. You’ll find it’s much easier to resist the call of soda when your thirst is satiated!

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