Why You Should Work Out With a Mirror

We’ve all seen people standing in front of the gym mirror, posing, flexing, and taking selfies of their “gym bod”. Kind of a waste of time, right? Well, perhaps not! There are a number of reasons why you should work out with a mirror:

You Invest More in Yourself

When you see yourself every day, you begin to notice things like your unshaven face, your messy hair, and your dirty clothes. You can’t help realizing that you don’t look as good as you could, and thus you take steps to improve yourself. A bit of vanity can actually help your fitness in the long run. After all, if you see yourself packing on a few pounds, it will reinforce the importance of hitting the gym.

You’re More Conscious of What You Do

In one study, people were asked to choose between a healthy and an unhealthy, delicious food item. Some of the people were given the choice when seated in front of a mirror. Those people tended to make the healthier choice more often than not, while those in the non-mirrored room made the less healthy choice. Even when those in the mirrored room chose the unhealthy option, they didn’t enjoy it as much. If you want to be more aware of what you’re doing, have a mirror handy. You’ll see yourself, and you’ll realize what you’re doing and how you look.

You Make More Effort

Isn’t it awesome to see progress in terms of muscle growth and definition? You may not notice it when you look down at your body, but you certainly do when you’re working out in front of the mirror. You notice the muscles growing as the months pass, and you can see them tensing and straining with every set. You will be encouraged to see your progress, and this will help you to make more of an effort when working out. You’ll want to continue seeing that visible progress, so you will step up your game when at the gym.

You Can Improve Your Form

It’s vital that you work out with the right form! Not only will this help to reduce your risk of injuries, but it will ensure that your exercises are as efficient and effective as possible. What’s the best way to improve your form? Working out in front of a mirror, of course! You’ll be able to see your posture, the movements, and how much you swing with each rep, and it will help you to fix your form. You’ll find that your workouts are much more effective thanks to your ability to “spot” yourself and your form in the mirror. You won’t need a trainer to tell you how to do it right–you’ll be able to see for yourself.

You Can See Those Around You

Peer pressure can actually be one of the best motivators to getting in shape and losing weight. When you’re at the gym and notice all of the healthier, slimmer, stronger people around you, it will galvanize you to greater action. You’ll want to work and train harder in order to reach your goals, and seeing what others can do will inspire you that you can do it too. Of course, this can be a two-edged sword. You may get discouraged because you’re not as fit as the others in the gym, but don’t see it that way! Instead, see it as a challenge, and let it drive you to reach your fitness goals. Having a mirror can help you to push yourself in a healthy competition with your fellow gym-goers.

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