Workout Secrets from Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley

If you’ve ever boxed, you’ll know just how much work it is to stay in the ring for just one round – much less ten! It takes a pretty fit man or woman to stand up and slug it out against an opponent, so you can imagine that boxers have got to be in good shape.

Two of the great boxers of today – Shane Mosley and world champion Floyd Mayweather – have shared their secrets of their training routines – secrets that you can use to help you get in fighting shape!

Do Cardio Intervals

Most people do cardio workouts at a steady intensity, often pushing for endurance and fat loss over stamina and cardiovascular strength. If you want to be in the fighting shape maintained by these boxers, it’s time to ramp up the intensity in your cardio. Adding high intensity intervals into your training will help to make your cardio efforts doubly effective, and you’ll find that it will build stamina rather than endurance. Your heart will be able to keep up with your pumping arms as you move around the ring. Alternate high intensity intervals to push your heart rate as high as possible.

Get Motivated

You’ve got to find your motivation to work out and get in shape, or so says World Champ Mayweather. He likes to visualize his opponent facing off in the ring against him as he trains, and he uses his desire to be the best to train as hard as he can. He’s always pushing himself further and further, and he’s always setting new goals. You’ve got to find whatever it is that motivates you, and use it to push yourself harder as well. Keep both your past accomplishments and your future achievements in mind to keep your eye on the goal.

Don’t Only Train in One Sport

Some athletes like to keep their training focused on their one sport of choice, but that may be limiting. Boxers like Mosley often like to mix things up – playing basketball, football, and other sports to enhance their training and overall physical condition. If you’re training for a sport, why not look for other sports that will give you similar but not identical training? You’ll find that it can give your muscles a different form of strength, and you’ll use those muscles in a different way. It’s a good idea to change things up so you don’t get bored as well.

Take a Rest

One very important part of training hard is knowing when it’s time to take a break, according to Shane Mosley. He knows that taking a few days of rest can give an exhausted body time to recover from intense training, and will make it easier to hit the training room with renewed intensity. Evaluate how you feel, and see if it’s time to give your body a break. If you find that you are tired, demotivated, and ready for a break, why not take it?

Use Variety in Your Training

No matter what type of training you’re doing – whether it’s bodybuilding, running, or sports training – it’s important to use a variety of workouts to help you get in shape. Most of your workouts should be focused on your ultimate goal, but you should look for other training methods that will help you to develop strength in different ways. Runners should consider cycling and doing bodybuilding, and martial artists often benefit from doing boxing workouts. Both Mayweather and Mosley recommend finding variety in your training, as that will help you to avoid burnout on doing the same workout over and over every day.


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