Total Body Workout Routine Helps Burn More Calories

Best Total Body Workout Routine

As one pound of fat contains 3500 calories it becomes clear that to lose excess fat weight we need a workout routine that burns calories, and lots of them. Any body workout will burn some calories, but how much depends on several factors, the obvious one being the length of the workout. Many people just don’t have the time to workout for an hour every other day.

The best way to burn more calories during a shorter period is with a full and total body workout. Working the whole body during each routine boosts the energy system of each working cell to help drive a greater energy expenditure, especially if the workout requires the use of two or more limbs at the same time, for example, using the arms and legs together. A total body workout can also help tone the body and all the major muscle groups of the body. It can also help increase fitness levels as the extra demands push the target heart rate to a higher level.

Some ideas for total body workouts are..

  • Aerobics classes

  • Circuit training

  • Rope jumping*

  • Dancing to music*


The benefits of a total body workout…

  • Burns more calories

  • Tones major muscles

  • Helps increase fitness gradually

If you lack fitness it may be best to start off any total body workout routine at an easy pace sticking to the lower end of the target heart rate.

Providing energy for any full body workout can be met by drinking plenty of water. Drinking water helps keep the energy system of each cell optimum. Many people are also discovering the benefits of drinking water to lose weight.


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* Always seek approval from your doctor before attempting any of the exercises printed above or when starting any type of total body workout!

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