Worst Fall Foods for Weight Loss

If your goal is weight loss, autumn can be a difficult time to make that happen! Aside from all the “pumpkin-spice” foods that only come out at this time of year, you’ve also got Thanksgiving to look forward to. That means autumn is the time when we do the most eating—not ideal for weight loss. If you’re trying to watch your waistline, here are the worst fall foods for weight loss, the ones you should AVOID at all costs:

Candy Corn

This is a staple of EVERY Halloween party, and one you’ll find in an overabundance during the autumn holidays. They may look harmless, but they’re basically pure sugar—28 grams per serving! Not only that, but they contain no fat to slow down the sugar absorption rate. A handful of these little candies will send your blood sugar spiking, which will in turn cause a blood sugar crash and eventually more cravings. Say no!

Chocolate Pecan Pie

Alone, dark chocolate and roasted pecans are actually both fairly healthy foods. But mix them together with a lot of sugar and a pie crust, and you’ve got one of the worst fall foods for weight loss. The nutty chocolate pie is absolutely delicious, so how can you possibly stick with just one serving? The sugar, simple syrup, and puff pastry is going to make this a big no-no for your autumn diet!

Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potatoes are, in and of themselves, a fairly healthy food. They’re rich in Vitamin A, fiber, and minerals. However, make them into a pie, and you’ll find the sweet potatoes are usually swimming in marshmallows and brown sugar. Don’t forget the flaky pastry or pie crust, another form of unhealthy carbs. It’s definitely not a healthy dessert!

Caramel Apples

Yes, there is the word “apple” in this food, but the caramel makes it a very unhealthy choice. Apples already contain a pretty sizeable dose of sugar per serving, though there is some fiber to cancel it out. However, when you add caramel into the mix, you nearly triple the sugar content. The caramel makes the apple an unhealthy snack, and only adds to your autumn sugar cravings. Skip the caramel and go for a plain apple instead.

Apple Cider

Apple cider was once a fairly natural, almost healthy drink. However, the modern, commercially available versions of cider tend to be mostly sugar and alcohol, both of which can have a detrimental effect on your blood sugar levels. There is zero nutritional value to hard apple cider, and a lot of downsides—courtesy of the sugar and alcohol. You’re better off skipping the booze, or reaching for a glass of mulled wine instead.


There’s something amazingly delicious about a well-made cheesecake. It’s rich, creamy, and sweet: everything you want to AVOID if your goal is weight loss. It doesn’t matter if there is a bit of pumpkin added into the cheesecake (a popular autumn variation on the classic dessert), there’s still not enough good nutritional value to make it worth it. All you’re doing is overdosing on the calories, fat, and sugar without giving your body anything of use. Say no, and stick with the fruit compote or fruit salad instead!

Pumpkin Spice Latte

You may be reeling in shock at this, but yes, a pumpkin spice latte is one of the worst fall foods for weight loss. It contains a whopping 400 calories, not to mention 50 grams of sugar. That’s twice the calorie content of a regular latte, and WAY more sugar than your body can handle. Better stick with your regular coffee!

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