Yoga: What’s My Style?

Yoga has quickly become one of the most popular forms of exercise in this day and age, and more and more people sign up for Yoga lessons every day. The truth is that Yoga really is an excellent form of exercise, though not all forms are created equal. If you’re considering Yoga as your new workout, it’s important to know what’s the best style of Yoga for you to try.

Asthanga Yoga

This is probably one of the most popular forms of Yoga, as it involves a lot more functional strength training than the more relaxing forms. There are only six pose sequences, but they can be pretty tough. You will move from one pose to the next fairly quickly, and it’s a much more vigorous form of exercise than most of the other forms of Yoga.  It’s great for those trying to lose weight, and you’ll find that it will be pretty amazing cardio workout as well! It’s a pretty rapid form of exercise, so there’s no risk that you’ll get bored sitting in one pose for too long.

Bikram Yoga

Also known as “Hot Yoga”, this practice involves working out in a room heated to over 100 degrees.  It’s a pretty basic form of Yoga that involves just 26 different poses, but the fact that you’re in such a swelteringly hot room means that you’re going to sweat buckets. It can be a bit dangerous if you’re not careful, but you’ll find that it will promote weight loss and increase your flexibility drastically!

Hatha Yoga

Hatha is one of the most complete forms of modern Yoga, and you’ll learn everything you need to know about Yoga as a beginner. It’s all about breathing deeply, relaxing, and de-stressing, and you’ll find that it’s a great type of Yoga to try if you’re interested in chilling out after a long day of work. It’s ideal for beginners taking their first few Yoga lessons.

Iyengar Yoga

This form of Yoga is all about the poses, and striking that perfect stance is your goal. You have blocks, straps, boards, and harnesses to help you get that perfect pose, which is why it’s often jokingly called “furniture Yoga”. It’s a fairly basic form of Yoga, and you learn the fundamentals in the classes. You’ll work each muscle in your body well, and it’s ideal for toning up – though not for increasing strength.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini is all about movement and fluidity, and you’ll slowly transition from one pose to another without breaking rhythm. It’s excellent for your lungs and heart, and you’ll find your metabolism working hard and producing lots of energy. It’s also excellent for focus and meditation, and it’s far more than just a simple workout.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is for those that need action and activity when doing Yoga. It’s a much more Western approach to Yoga, treating it as a form of exercise rather than a mind-body discipline. It’s similar to Ashtanga Yoga,  but it varies up the exercises so that you get a different workout every time you hit the gym. It’s excellent thanks to the isometric exercises, and you’ll see those muscles looking more and more toned with each session.


Viniyoga is all about adaptation and personalization, and those teaching this type of Yoga will prepare a session that is designed just for you. It’s designed to reduce the risk of injury, and the one-on-one sessions are ideal for those that want to increase flexibility and tone muscles – regardless of their physical condition. It’s excellent at dealing with back, shoulder, and joint pains, and it can be very good for those that need to loosen up their muscles after a hard workout the previous day.

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