Your Ass Kicking Home HIIT Workout

Who’s got time to spend hours at the gym? In our busy lives, it can be tough to fit in even a short workout between all the home and office responsibilities we’ve got to take care of. But that’s where HIIT comes in! With high intensity interval training, you can fit in an amazingly effective workout in a fraction of the time. Check out this simple yet highly effective home HIIT workout you can do in your living room, at the gym, or anywhere else you are:


Start the workout with a set of push-ups, as many as you can fit into 30 seconds. Make it a point to keep your form good, and prioritize correct form and posture over speed. Most people will find that they’ll start slowing down the closer they get to the 30-second mark, but don’t let that make you stop. Keep pushing and pushing until you hit the end of the round and take your well-deserved 30 second rest.

Slow Bicycle

Transition to an abs workout to get your core burning and your muscles working. Core muscles are vital for effective mobility, flexibility, balance, and speed, so focusing on your abs and back through this movement will do wonders to make you more effective in all the rest of your exercises. Again, do 30 seconds of non-stop slow cycling, then take a 30-second rest.

Jump Squat

Nothing builds up serious leg power like jump squats! Not only do you shred the muscles when you drop into the bodyweight squat, but there’s an explosion of power on your jump that does wonders to increase explosive power. This plyometrics movement will be amazing for building lower body strength, stamina, and endurance. Do as many as you can fit into 30 seconds, then take a 30-second rest.

Forearm Planks

Another 30 seconds of core work, and you’ll feel the burn in no time! This movement is excellent for not just your back and abs, but also your shoulders and arms. Holding your weight on your forearms will help to engage your entire upper body along with your core, but will give your lower body a bit of a rest after your last intense exercise. Hold for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds.


Now for the hard part: doing as many pull-ups as you possibly can in 30 seconds. Don’t worry if you can’t do a lot of pull-ups on your own—find a box, assistance bands, or even a step-stool to help you. Focus on keeping your form tight and getting the full lift so your chin goes over the bar, then slowly controlling your descent. Again, your goal is to hit as many as you can in 30 seconds, then take a 30-second rest.

Bear Walks

This movement requires a surprising amount of strength from your entire body: your upper body to support your weight on your arms, your lower body to keep yourself moving forward, and your abs to lift your weight off the ground. Do this movement for 30 seconds, and you’ll feel the burn!

Do it All Again

This home HIIT workout lasted just six minutes, but it’s far from over! Now’s the time to repeat it all over again from the beginning. This circuit of six exercises in six minutes will keep your heart pumping and your muscles burning, and you’ll get an amazing full body workout. Best of all, it’s a HIIT workout you can do anytime and anywhere. Get ready to burn calories and sweat like a boss wit this amazing kickass HIIT training session!

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